Sunday, 2 December 2012

TL Messruther Interview

T L Messruther, Mum of two is just about to publish her first book of her Love, Lies & Hurt trilogy. First book is due out in March 2013, Confused by Love. We are very Honored  T L is joining us for her first ever interview.

Hello T L, thank you for giving us the honer to interview you. Am I right in believing this is your first author interview?

Yeah it is my first interview I am very excited to be doing this.
We are so exited to be doing it. What inspired you to step out and write a book and realise it? I have always wanted to do it, but after been inspired by JB McGee I decided to step out and do it.
We have to thank J B McGee. She seems to be a big inspiration.What do you think is the key to writing?The key to writing, don't over do it, just have fun and let the story come to you. Do your research about places and things you plan on mentioning in your book.
If there was one thing you would say to others about to start there journey what would it be?
relax, (easier said then done) have fun and enjoy it. It is an amazing path to go down.  Overall I would say, just have fun and write what comes to mind.
So you are starting with Love,Lies & Hurt trilogy, this gives us some clues of what type of books you are writing.Book 1 of the trilogy is called Confused by love. What made you think of this title? I had a few ideas come to mind regarding story line, and then once I got writing the title came to me.
We like the title, I am sure we have all being Confused by Love at one point in our life. Very Fitting. If you could describe confused by love in five words, what would they be? Five words, oh this is a hard one... Raunchy,fun,romantic,exciting and a little sad.
Who are your top 10 Authors? E L James, Sylvia Day, JB McGee, Vina Jackson, L J Smith, old ones but Catherine Cookson.I didn't do much reading before fsog and what I did read where true stories.
If you had to name your top 10 books what would they be?​-
Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy by E.L. James,
Crossfire Trilogy by Sylvia Day
This Trilogy by J.B. McGee
Eight Days Trilogy by Vina Jackson
Who is your role model? My Mam and to a extent Kelly Clarkson
What do you think makes a good story? I personally feel plenty of description within a story helps to makes you feel like your there involved within the book/ adventure. You need to be Drawn into the story.
Have you ever consider writing a autobiography? No way, I would bore you all to death​​
Would you consider writing anything other than romance books? Yeah. After my 'Love, Lies and Hurt trilogy' I am bringing out a true story based on teen pregnancy
Oh we can not wait. How did you choice the names of your characters? Well I just wrote what I wanted to happen in my books and the names came to me. One character does, however, share the same name as my younger brother. It is a name he doesn't use it.
What do you like to do when you're not writing?Well, I like to swim and do cross stitching. Oh and I can't forget reading. Also right now I have a major obsession with 'The Vampire Diaries'. So I watch them all the time.
As we all know it is valentines day on Thursday ... If you could spend valentines day with one male from a book who would it be and why? Oh, toss up between Christian Grey and Bradley Banks. And why, Christian can be sooo romantic, and caring. Bradley the same. Everyone's dream men there. Oh and of Course Donte (character from Confused by Love).
Oh you are going to go on three dates in one day. 

Thank you T L Messruther for sparing the time to talk to us. We can not wait till Confused by Love it out.