Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Natasha Johnstone Spotlight


 Natasha Johnstone

Bio: I am a blogger for life and an Author of life. I have been writing books in my mind since I was a lonely, fat teenager who spent her nights reading and listening to music. Those stories continued as life happened and I never wrote any of my stories until after I went for a hysterectomy last year.  It was then that my resolve to live life to the full grew and my passionate nature took over, as evident in my writing and stories.
5 facts:
1) I am South African and Caucasian. (Gasp!!!)  
2) I speak 4 languages (None of them the average person could understand)
3) I'm a Horticulturist and Landscape Architect by trade but not by design.
4) My leading male character is based on my actual husband. (nice!!)
5) I'm the skinniest and sexiest chocoholic you will ever know.
Interests and hobbies: plant sculptures, reading, writing and more writing.
Books: Capital D is part of a series of four books. It's based on two adults who were childhood friends and grew up together. After their High school graduation after party Silka Fontein disappears. She reunites with Taber Blake 15 years later. Her secrets have put her life in danger and his secrets are lethal. Together they face a series of threats and danger and in the process fight their unexpected attraction for each other and discover the truth. This story has action, drama, suspense, wit, humor and all the sexual tension you'd expect from a great book that leads to some very hot erotica scenes. It is timeless with lots of twists. Men and woman can identify with the characters as they are authentic to human nature, given the situations they face. It's realistic, relevant and very relatable.
Future books: There are three more books in the series, but without giving away the plots or the titles, they will be based on Taber and Silka. There is a reason for the secrecy as the book titles themselves are part of a game plan and each story will be in a different genre. All my books are published in an Erotica version and a PG rated version as the stories stand on their own and take the reader with them even without the crazy hot sex.
Who would I like to write with:  John Green - between his ability to take a reader into the very souls of people and my ability to create an epic adventure, we will create another masterpiece.
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  1. Phantom Bigfoot has almost finished Capital D and can honestly say it is a thrill ride of bullets sex bullets more sex and more sex and did I mention more sex. Eric Van Lustbader watch out!