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Author Spotlight- Amy Cox

Author Spotlight- Amy  Cox


Amy Cox is a twenty nine year old wife and mother of three.  She was born and raised just outside St. Louis Missouri in Granite City, Illinois.  After finding her own love story in real life; she lives happily married living in the beautiful mountains of Virginia.  Having wrote stories and poetry all her life Amy was inspired to write of life and love; which lead to taking the leap of faith into self-publishing her work on Amazon.  
Her first book, a novella called ‘Out of the Wreckage, was released in late February of 2013 and has sold well over a thousand copies and growing quickly.  Changing Fate is her first full length novel and the first of the series.  The second book of the series, Rebuilding Bridges, will be out late Fall 2013.
“There is something about love, the true kind of love that puts off such heat and emotion.  It makes your stomach roll and your heart clench.  It completely knocks your feet out from under you.  That feeling where you don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or throw something.  That is what I want to write about, what I want to capture; that is life.  It is real.”

Five facts about me you don’t know:
1. For every one thing that I say to you there are at least fifty that I have had to bite back.
2. I have an addiction to Bath and Body works.
3. I am horrified of spiders!
4. My mind has a time-share in the gutter and I am secretly taking everything you say and spinning it to make me laugh.
5. I have nearly anything and everything on my IPOD playlist.  Classical all the way through classic rock, to pop, to rap, and then boy bands  I listen to anything and everything but I am a classic 80s junkie to the core.

Interests and hobbys?
Well I am a writer not just as a career choice but because I have done it all my life nearly.  It was always easiest to write my thoughts instead of saying them.  I mean I literally wrote my vows and read them.  LOL  I read way more than I write I mean I literally can read a book a day, if I wanted.  Which I usually do but writing and family duties and all keep me from being totally consumed.  I spend a lot of time with my kiddos.  We go to the parks and fish and swim and do all that fun outdoorsy stuff.  I love taking pictures.  Oh and secretly I am a reality TV show watcher.  My DVR is full of it and Vampire Diaries.  (Because the world is a better place with some Ian Somerhalder.) 
My further Plans:  I plan to write the sequel to Changing Fate which I am currently doing.  I also plan to write more books and enjoy the ride that becoming a self-published author has put me on.  (It still is weird to call myself an author.)  I will continue to obsess over the man candy bloggers post and try my best to find that delicate balance between writer and reader.  I mean I am not planning to take over the world, or anything like that.  I just want to have readers fall in love with the characters I have created and maybe attend book signings so that I can meet those amazing authors who created my favorites.  (Here’s to hoping.)

Books: Out of the Wreckage I put out in February of 2013.  It is a novella really.
 Andrea Westwood grew up with a loving family, living on a huge family orchard with her Mother and Grandparents. After a tragic accident she flees to New York to out run the past and doesn't look back. After ten years she is back to save the orchard and take care of her Grams. The orchard being the only place she had ever been happy in her life makes it a no brainer to go. Especially after her boss/fiance is caught red-handed with a waitress from the restaurant she is head chef of she packs up and heads home only to find that fixing up the store and tending to the land is more than she can manage.  Nathan Kyle is a man out-running his own demons and when he promises Ruthie Westwood to help her Grand daughter with the work on the land he thinks nothing of it. Until he sees her. 'Drea shatters him, he is drawn to her and he can't help himself. He knows she will end him but the hell if he can help himself. And when 'Drea's ex-fiance shows up trying to right his wrong, there is drama, romance, laughter and tears.

 Changing Fate is a full length novel and was released the beginning of May 2013 and has its’ sequel  coming later this year.  It is sad, sweet, hot and funny.  
Rachel had never expected her life to turn out like this. Tim didn't love her, didn't even like her most of the time and all she had to show for a three year relationship was her daughter Alyssa. After a call from home Rachel packs up and leaves to be with her sick father.  Ray Mitchell was a goner as soon as Rachel fell into his path (Literally.) He had no idea about her past but he was determined to be in her future. Ray made Rachel feel again. He fell in love with Rachel and her daughter, throwing Rachel for a loop. Tim never treated her so precious and Alyssa was never in Tim's thoughts. Ray was everything Tim wasn't and couldn't be. When a tragic accident turns everything upside down Rachel will have to keep herself together while handling her sister, her daughter and a new relationship. All while the old relationship comes back to the surface. When Tim comes to collect what he considers his will Rachel go back to being unloved and invisible just to get away from the pain.

Who would I like to write with.  
Wow there are so many; but I think that since I have the gutter mind and I am laughing at everything most of the time… I would want to write with Tara Sivec.  She is hilarious and says the things I usually bite back!  I think we would spend more time laughing about everything that we were coming up with!  

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