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Trying not to love you- Megan Smith- Blog tour




Mackenzie Cahill has dealt with overbearing and overprotective brothers her entire life; making it near impossible to enjoy her teenage years. Having a boyfriend was practically impossible until she met a guy that wasn't afraid to stand up to them - Dominic. He was sweet, thoughtful, and everything Mackenzie ever wanted in a man.

But when they go away to college at Old Dominion University, Mackenzie sees a whole new side of Dominic and begins to wonder if he really is different from every other guy.

Her world is turned upside down after a party, and her brother's best friend, Hunter is the one there to offer her a shoulder to cry on. The chemistry between them is electric, and feelings for each other that have been hidden for years are finally voiced.

But is Hunter willing to be disloyal to his best friends in order to be with the one girl he's always secretly wanted



"Relax, it's nothing; he'll be back. If he wants you to know, he can tell you when he comes back."
"Whatever!" I yelled. I got up, took my plate to the kitchen and then went to the living room to watch the football game. I heard my mom and dad ask everyone what was going on, but Cooper and Mason just told them everything was fine. I must have fallen asleep on the couch because I woke to Hunter rubbing my arm.
I sat up as soon as I saw his split lip and the welt on his cheek; obliviously he got into some kind of fight. "Oh my God Hunter, what happened? Are you ok?"
"Yeah I'm fine, just had to go take care of something."
I reached out to touch his lip and he winced at first then kissed my finger. I stood up and pushed Hunter to sit on the couch. "I'll be right back." I disappeared into the kitchen to grab some ice. Mom looked over at me and asked if I was ok. I nodded my head to her and left the kitchen quickly.
"Here put this on your lip and cheek." I told him. His cheek was already turning black and blue.
"CC I'm fine really. Can we talk now?" Hunter asked, grabbing the ice from me and placing it on his lip.
"Yeah but not in here with everyone; let's go outside."
"It's raining."
"I need to get out of here." I told him. I really did not want to talk to him about us with the possibility of someone over hearing.
"Ok, let's go."
Hunter grabbed my hand, led me outside into the pouring rain and to his truck parked at the end of the driveway. He stopped walking when we reached his truck, looked from the ground to my lips and then he took a step closer to me, pushing me until my back was up against the cold wet truck. He reached up and cupped my face. "I'm done trying to stay away," he sighed then continued. "I can't do it anymore. I need you like my life depends on it." The rain was streaming down on us but right now, I did not care. "I just need you." He gently pulled my head to him and whispered, "I am going to kiss you now."
That is exactly what he did. I was tired of fighting my feelings for him, tired of being upset, just tired. That kiss was amazing; it had all the passion and longing we had been holding onto for so long. That is when the dam finally broke for me and I started crying. I knew right then that Hunter was the only one I wanted. He was my happily ever after.


Before I start I have to say I can not wait for fall 2013! Easy to love you book #2 is on my must read list!
Hunter and Kenzie, well what a connection.
I love the way it dives into the past and explains the past of these characters.
... Kenzie is from a family with three very over protected brothers. There brothers friend Hunter has almost grown up with these and he looks at them as brothers.
Kenzie has feelings for Hunter but he always pushes her back - because of Mason, Jackson and Cooper (the big protected brothers). Kenzie moves on with Dominic.
After a year with Dominic, Kenzie moves to the same college he attends. Things start to go wrong, Kenzie can sense something is of and who does she turn to? Hunter.
Finally finding out Dominics secret he and Kenzie split up.
Now single, Kenzie is left fighting her feelings for Hunter as they remained very close friends.
Hunter is resilient to Kenzie because of the brothers, who he also classes as his brothers. Finally after giving into there feelings for each other, they get together. Of course it's not easy. Mason takes it extremely hard.
Finally getting everything on track...... Something terrible from her past (more Dominics past) comes and turns everyones world upside down! What happens next?.......... We don't know the book ends. *sigh* roll on Fall 2013.
A very well earned 5*

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