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Author Spotlight - Amanda K. Erickson

Author Spotlight - Amanda K. Erickson

A little bit about me.
I've had a few people ask about the name I'm writing under, some of you may or may not know my real name is Amanda (O'Dell) Brown. So here goes. I kept Amanda for obvious reasons...LOL. The initial K. is in honor of my mother (Kathleen) who passed away when I was in high school. The last name Erickson is in a way also in honor of my mother but it was chosen for a few reasons. My brother's name is Erick and he is my mother's son (Erick-son... get it?). I also like the sound of it and I wanted a name that had an i in it so I could sign my signatures with a heart over the i. So thus Amanda K. Erickson was born.

I'm the mother of two, three if you count my spouse. Sorry babe, you know I love you! Anyway I'm a stay at home mom. I have a great group of book girls (You know who you are BDHM) that inspired me to follow my dreams. I have always loved to read and have had many stories come alive in my head over the years, however it never occurred to me to try and write them til about a year ago. I am currently in the middle of writting two debut romance novels. More info can be found on my Facebook page or website.

5 Facts about me?
Fact one - I'm a dork!
Fact two - I'm a procrastinator.
Fact three - I like to cook but hate to clean the kitchen.
Fact four - I'm a music, book, and movie junkie.
Fact five - I sunburn in 60 degree weather with clouds. Yeah... Irish fair skinned, that's me. :(

Well does reading count? LOL probably not since you have the same obsession as me if your taking time to read this. This is a hard one as I don't really have time for it with my schedule. I run a couple of pages on Facebook, read, write, listen to music, spend time with my beautiful family.

My Books?
Not much to tell you yet. Except I have a few pictures of what I think my characters look like in my head and a couple of excerpts on my Facebook page and website. They are also on Goodreads if you wanna add them to your TBR list,

My further plans?
I'd say to get the two books I'm currently working on done, edited, and published for the masses to read. I just hope they are enjoyable and that they can make someones day a little brighter.

Who would I like to write with?
Wow... that is a great question, I'd have to say I'd love to collaborate with a few great author's. Growing up I was a huge Stephen King fan, it would be an honor to write with him. I'd also have to say my all time favorite romance writer R.L. Mathewson would be an absolute dream to write with. And last but not least is one of my best book group girls turned author herself Kelly Elliott would be an absolute blast to write with.

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