Monday, 20 May 2013

Introducing Rebecca Shea‏

Introducing Rebecca Shea‏

5 Facts About Me You Don’t Know:

I’m tall…really tall! As in 5’ 11” tall
I have two tattoo’s and I may  get a third--the tattoo mentioned in my book J
I’m a wife/mom/career woman (I am a marketing manager for a large US Financial Institution) and I wouldn’t trade any of these jobs. I love them all.
I have self-diagnosed myself with mild OCD. I hate touching public door handles and I’m a freaking headcase about clean floors (my kids hate me for the latter)
I have read over 105 books since last July
When I’m not working, writing, or being a mom—I’m usually on the sidelines of my two boys footballs games, or at my daughter’s ballet class. I love hiking, and floating in the pool with my girlfriends and drinking margarita’s!!!
Unbreakable is scheduled for release on 8/1. Cover release will be late June.
 Unbreakable is a story about a young man, Gabe who falls in love with his sisters best friend, Jess. A love story that will pull at your heartstrings.
Jess was raised by Gabe and his sisters family for most of her life—so both are worried about the ‘taboo’ of a kind of “brother/sister” relationship. Once they get past that, their relationship develops quickly—and it’s intense. Settling into their relationship, they start making plans, when an event disrupts their lives—causing them to second guess everything they know about each other and themselves. This event forces them to reevaluate their needs and their relationship.  A third character Landon comes into the story adds another element to the Gabe-Jess relationship. I can’t say much more without giving away the plot, so I hope everyone will read it and share your thoughts with me, I loved writing this story! (p.s. There is NO cliffhanger!)
A second book (title is TBD) is in the works and tentatively scheduled for winter 2013 release.
Further Plans:
I would love to continue writing. It is truly a cathartic experience for me. I love taking the stories that come to me when I daydream, or dream at night, write them and watch them grow. To share them and have people love them makes this all worthwhile.
Who Would I Like to Write With?
So many talented writers out there. I’d love to collaborate with Rebecca Donovan—I love her style, and her writing is sheer genius (I’m a huge fan girl of hers!).
Here are some links to my book!


 Twitter handle: @beccasheaauthor
Book trailer link (cannot be seen on mobile devices):

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