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Author spotlight - Jasper T. Scott

Author spotlight - Jasper T. Scott

Bio: Jasper T. Scott is the author of more than seven novels, written across various genres. Jasper writes his books from a sunny paradise and offers his sincerest apologies for his long absence from the rat race. In his spare time he enjoys reading, going to the gym, and spending time with his beautiful wife.

5 Facts: #1 I started writing because of a repetitive stress injury which forced me to drop out of university.

#2 As of recently, I now write full time.

#3 I was home-schooled

#4 I speak Spanish and I live in Panama

#5 I drove from Canada to Panama

Books: Escape - A sci-fi adventure in space with zombies, comparable to resident evil or I Am Legend. 
Mrythdom - A sci-fi / fantasy adventure set in a world that arises after an apocalyptic event nearly destroys everything. Werewolves, wizards, elves, undead, monsters, and a mermaid culture that enslaves men. 
Dark Space - A space opera / sci-fi adventure - Humanity is defeated and hiding in last human sector of the galaxy. Like dogs, they're fighting each other for the scraps.
Further plans - Dark Space 2 (in progress)
I'd like to write with one of the big 6, mostly for the exposure.
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