Sunday, 26 May 2013

Second Chance- Nathan L Flamank Review


About the author

Nathan L Flamank was born in Cornwall, England. He studied creative writing and English at university, he currently lives just north of London, England.
The author welcomes feedback and interaction from any readers. When not writing he is a voracious reader and enjoys many authors, including: Joe R Lansdale, Tim Willocks, Christopher Fowler, Lee Child, David Morrell, Carl Hiaasen, Pratchett, Koontz and Stephen King as well as many, many more talented writers that have given him years of pleasurable reading. The author also enjoys swimming, horse riding and rock-climbing.


What would you do if you were given a SECOND CHANCE?

Michael Simms is given just that; an opportunity to put right so many wrongs and to have another chance at happiness with Beth, the only woman he ever loved.

Making a fresh start and endeavouring to ensure that previous mistakes are avoided Michael and Beth are once again happy and in love.

However nothing is ever that easy and Michael quickly realises that there is a price to pay for his second chance, that larger forces are at work, and when Beth mysteriously disappears he finds himself in a breakneck race against time to save not only Beth but also himself.

A high octane erotic thriller full of twists and turns that will leave you breathless.

WARNING: contains graphic descriptions of SEX and VIOLENCE



What can I say? This book is amazing, such an emotional book. I would definitely read it again. This book is full of drama, nothing is straight forward, lots of suspense in the story. Plenty of Love and forgiveness. I love the way that the characters are portrayed throughout the book, you fall well and truly in love with the characters.
We can all hope for a second chance, even more after you read this amazing book.

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