Thursday, 16 May 2013

Nicole Andrew Moore Fan Chat

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Nicole Andrews Moore
Julie! You made it! Elle? Is that you?
Julie D.: I am here!! This is my first chat!!!!!!! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: Mine, too! 
Julie D.: So, we're chat virgins? lol 
Nicole Andrews Moore: Absolutely! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: Sam...who knows nothing about computers...has even been on this forum chatting with gamer friends.
Julie D.: Oh no. Don't say gamer friends. My husband would want to know that. 
Julie D.: Hi Elle! 
Elle: Well, I just figured out how to join your chat.
Elle: *high five to myself* 
Nicole Andrews Moore: Cool. Me, too! 
Julie D.: My first time too Elle!! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: oh, wait...virtual high fives all around 
Julie D.: high five!!!! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: so, julie, eat any chocolate meringue pie without me lately 
Julie D.: Yes, yesterday. I got mad and bought me a piece!! Boy it was good!! I thought about you too. 
Nicole Andrews Moore: elle, she taunts me regularly. her husband is this grill master and she has some bakery that makes pies nearby 
Elle: Is that your favorite kind of pie, Nicole? 
Julie D.: And actually Nicole, I told hubby to go by McDonalds today and get supper because I wasn't cooking, that I had something important to do today. 
R.A. Mizer Hello find ladies!
Julie D.: Hi!! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: hey, rachel pulls my butt out of the fire regularly. just a few minutes ago even 
Nicole Andrews Moore: she made the cover for dark dawn 
Julie D.: Oh nice. 
Nicole Andrews Moore: yup 
Nicole Andrews Moore: talent 
R.A. Mizer
Julie D.: I wish I had that talent!! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: if you don't have any, hang out with those that do 
R.A. Mizer I enjoy working with Nicole too
Nicole Andrews Moore: that's why i keep rachel around 
Julie D.: lol 
Nicole Andrews Moore: hello, rusty! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: hello, Renee! 
Renee: Hi my friend
Nicole Andrews Moore: having a nice day? 
Renee: I am a huge fan you know that right?
lorrraine Hi Nicole, good afternoon to all
Renee: what is next for book 2
Nicole Andrews Moore: ummm, no? but thank you! 
Katie Mac: Just so you know...Katie Mac is in the house!
Nicole Andrews Moore: well, you don't play. 
Elle: Hey Katie! 
Julie D.: Hey Twin!!!!!!!!!! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: katie, i'm about to divulge some of the secrets of book 2 
Tammy Sipe Good afternoon!
Nicole Andrews Moore: ammy just in time 
Nicole Andrews Moore: tammy 
Nicole Andrews Moore: two... 
lorrraine so when can we expect book 2 of Stormy Surrender?
Nicole Andrews Moore: there's more angst. 
Julie D.: Oh no!! 
Tammy Sipe is awesomeness!
Katie Mac: Hey Julie! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: that's what happens when finn gets added to the mix.
Julie D.: I hope we do get a happy ending tho!!! 
Katie Mac: Hey the join chat button 
Nicole Andrews Moore: and joey...he's a man 
Julie D.: I already know I don't like Finn 
Katie Mac: Hey Elle!
Nicole Andrews Moore: julie, there is not much to like 
Julie D.: Definitely!!
Nicole Andrews Moore: we're going to learn what a horrible person she is in a young and pretty package 
Renee: I am glad Finn was there the suspense for the next one is killing me 
Julie D.: And why they broke up? More info? 
Renee: yes more?? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: a little blinded by lust and how he pictures his life 
Nicole Andrews Moore: that's always the hang up...the thing that keeps us from being truly happy
Julie D.: Is this one going to be a cliffhanger? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: we get caught up with how we think life should be instead of loving the life we have 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i didn't realize the last one was such a cliffhanger 
Julie D.: Oh Nicole that sounds like me a lot here lately!!
Nicole Andrews Moore: so...define cliffhanger 
Julie D.: Well, it leaves you not wanting it to end, so yeah a slight one 
Katie Mac: Julie...cliffhangers are GOOD 
lorrraine it was def a cliffhanger
Renee: Well she screwed him over and stole his money so if there is a cliffhanger then it only means book 3 
Julie D.: Yeah, as long as you don't have to wait so long for the next one!! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i like the way you think, renee 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i do have three already planned out 
Katie Mac: Hey Lorraine! Click the join chat button! 
Julie D.: Uh oh, all right!!! 
Becky: Thank god for Katie Mac I would have no idea how to work this thing 
lorrraine: hey 
Renee: three is a good number 
Katie Mac:​ 
Julie D.: Did you say when the 2nd one will be out? Or did I miss it?
Nicole Andrews Moore: i like three 
hookedonbooks: Don't do to many cliff hangers Nicole 
lorrraine: yes 
Julie D.: lol Katie you make life interesting 
Nicole Andrews Moore: end of june, beginning of july
Katie Mac: Cliff hangers are amazing! 
Katie Mac: Make it a big one Nicole 
Nicole Andrews Moore: depends on how well the writing goes 
Nicole Andrews Moore: finally found about killed me 
Julie D.: Move it to mid June, for my birthday, lol 
Nicole Andrews Moore: and i think by the end, katie was ready to kill me, too 
Katie Mac: I love you 
Katie Mac: I never want to kill you
Katie Mac: Strangle you, yes 
Julie D.: Oh, I am loving Finally Found!! Going to read some more tonight and finish it tomorrow. 
Katie Mac: Kill you, no 
R.A. Mizer Sorry for being so quiet, my sister called. lol She had an interview today. My mom got a job too in Raleigh in Wake County
Julie D.: lol
Tammy Sipe: finally found was great! 
Julie D.: You're in NC, R.A.? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: she was 
Nicole Andrews Moore: she moved to seattle 
Julie D.: oh ok 
Katie Mac: now she's gone 
Becky: I don't mind cliff hangers as long as I don't have to wait forever for the next one- 
R.A. Mizer My mom and sisters live in Charlotte. I live in Seattle
Julie D.: long way 
Katie Mac: to the dark side! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: the movie makes it look so exotic 
Katie Mac: Rachel...hit the join chat button 
Nicole Andrews Moore: see, i'm doing my best 
R.A. Mizer Yup, just moved here last month
Katie Mac: OCD going wild over here! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: writing just as fast as i can and kenna allows 
Nicole Andrews Moore: she's been a bit vocal today 
Katie Mac: Nicole, you are a writing machine! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: luckily, daddy was able to take over
Katie Mac: And I love every word of it! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: katie...sometimes
Nicole Andrews Moore: thank you. is that what the review will say? 
hookedonbooks: Sam to the recuse 
R.A. Mizer yeah I'll write like 4,000 words in a night and be like "Wow that was a lot" then Nicole is all like *status*: Just wrote a book and I have an infant! and i'm like "Wow I'm a loser" lol
Katie Mac: Bahahaha...for me to know and all that jazz 
R.A. Mizer lol
Julie D.: lol
Nicole Andrews Moore: rachel...
Nicole Andrews Moore: i don't even know what to say to that 
Renee: how old is she 
Nicole Andrews Moore: kenna...i complicated. 
R.A. Mizer: oh hey that works 
Katie Mac: 
Nicole Andrews Moore: she's officially 16 months, but she was born four months early so she's really just a year 
Nicole Andrews Moore: and then, on top of it, she's a bit behind 
Renee: oooohh 
Katie Mac: Hi Teracia! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: she's the fourth smallest surviving preemie ever 
Teracia *waves*: hello 
Julie D.: behind? since she was early? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: on the registry and everything 
Renee: oh my thats amazing 
Nicole Andrews Moore: international news 
Nicole Andrews Moore: she's a much bigger deal than i am 
hookedonbooks: Hi Teracia 
Julie D.: oh my goodness i had no idea.
Tammy Sipe: but she is cuter as a button! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: hello, Teracia! 
Teracia *waves*: helloagain 
Julie D.: oh nicole you are always a big deal 
R.A. Mizer: agreed 
Teracia *waves*: sits at a table n the corner and observes 
lorrraine: God bless her 
Nicole Andrews Moore: bwah ha ha! 
Julie D.: you know you and katie are my favers
Nicole Andrews Moore: she says this yet I haven't seen chocolate proof 
Nicole Andrews Moore: have you, katie? 
R.A. Mizer: yes I have decided I love Katie... she is on my love list 
hookedonbooks: Nicole, I hope you have not forgot the part gear
Tammy Sipe: you're my fave Nicole...chocolate and all =) 
Julie D.: well someone has to give me some addys so i can make a day trip, and promise to take me "shopping" lol 
Nicole Andrews Moore: Tammy sent chocolate 
Nicole Andrews Moore: those m&ms...divine 
Nicole Andrews Moore: shopping! 
Katie Mac: Choca laka waka 
Nicole Andrews Moore: road trip!
Julie D.: sounds good as i sit here eating french fries. 
Becky: so in order for you to be my favorite I have to send chocolate? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: so, teracia...where are you from? 
Katie Mac: I like Love lists! 
Julie D.: Yeah baby road trip!
Teracia *waves*: lol i live in texas 
Nicole Andrews Moore: no 
Katie Mac: want chocolate too! 
hookedonbooks: Road Trip sounds like a great idea 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i like you just the way you are, becky! 
Renee: I found a place from groupon that makes books that are chocolate so I ordered some for a giveaway 
hookedonbooks: <---- I am not sat eating chocolate 
Tammy Sipe: okies, Katie, need an addy to do that =)
Nicole Andrews Moore: texas! I'd like to visit texas 
hookedonbooks: **Looks around** 
Katie Mac:! Bahahahahaha! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: renee! don't hold out on me! 
Tammy Sipe: Missouri first!! I keep telling you that! 
Katie Mac: You got it Tammy! Do I have to share? 
R.A. Mizer: I have an aunt there but we haven't been to see her 
Becky: LOL! I was going to say you are going to have to wait til Pittsburg for chocolate from me 
Teracia *waves*: texas is ok anytime between december and april after that its an oven 
Tammy Sipe: only with yourself! 
Renee: ill share 
R.A. Mizer: in Texas
Julie D.: I make a mean chocolate pound cake, want me to bake you one???
Nicole Andrews Moore: note to self...stay out of texas. heat and killer bees? you can't catch a break! 
R.A. Mizer: and right now tornadoes too
Nicole Andrews Moore: Yay, renee! 
Katie Mac: better not send Nicole cake with out me getting some too! 
Tammy Sipe: and after last night, killer tornadoes too 
Elle: I've never been stung by a bee, and it was like 30 degrees in April.
Renee: tornado too 
Renee: it is 90 and sunny in California 
Teracia *waves*: nah killer bees are exaggerated ive lived here nearly 8 years and havne even heard of a problem locally 
Katie Mac: Weezie, fork over the chocolate! 
Julie D.: Oh Katie, twin, how could I forget you?? 
Katie Mac: 
hookedonbooks: Katie, I have a lot of it here** Passes some to Katie doo** 
Julie D.:
Teracia *waves*: yall can keep the chocolate ove there ill pass i hate the stuff 
Nicole Andrews Moore: renee, i went to san francisco once for yahoo! loved it 
Katie Mac: Teracia... 
Nicole Andrews Moore: teracia...blasphemy! on the bright side...i just heard i don't have to share. you can sit by me.
hookedonbooks: Message from Mandy- she is so sorry she can't make it tonight. She hope we all have fun. 
Renee: there is a book signing in pomona july 
Julie D.: nicole will you be going to charleston in feb? or is that something different?
Teracia *waves*: yep you can keep it all and here have my share blehhh 
Katie Mac: LOL...nicole...share! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: so far, so good, L 
R.A. Mizer: oh my god my sister has been talking for a decade.... V_V.... 
Renee: going and there are like 15 other authors hint hint 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i saw that. i have not been invited 
Nicole Andrews Moore: to pamona 
hookedonbooks: Plenty of time left yet Nicole 
Nicole Andrews Moore: or pomona even 
Renee: is it invite?? 
hookedonbooks: Question from someone who can't make it..... Who is your book boyfiend? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i don't know. i'll ask 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i'm shameless like that
Nicole Andrews Moore: i do know that i'm on the wait list for chicago...or the wait list for the wait list 
Nicole Andrews Moore: and i'm going to be in Pittsburg in october 
R.A. Mizer: Probably a character from my own book... 
Renee: I got tickets cause of Bethany Lopez 
R.A. Mizer: Matthew Pierce 
Nicole Andrews Moore: and wilmington, nc in feb/mar 
Teracia *waves*: vegas in august? 
Katie Mac: Wilmington...I am going with you! 
Renee: pittsburgh is not better than california 
Julie D.: I hope to go to wilmington 
Nicole Andrews Moore: my book boyfriend...these days...i'm loving my Adam 
Tammy Sipe: katie are you in NC also? 
Katie Mac: Road trip and car pool! 
Julie D.: yes katie me tooooooo 
Katie Mac: Yes Tammy I am! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i know...but i was invited to pittsburg!
Tammy Sipe: cool 
Julie D.: me too tammy 
Katie Mac: Are you Tammy? 
Renee: you could always come to orange county and go with me 
hookedonbooks: Question by someone who cant make it .... If you could write with anyone ... who? and why? 
Tammy Sipe: sweet, I feel so out of touch..Missouri 
Becky: Nicole you better go to pittsburg 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i could. i bet i'd love the oc 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i love a good road trip 
Katie Mac: My parents are just south of Wilmington
Renee: yes it is alwa 
Nicole Andrews Moore: and it was lovely in CA in july last time i was there 
Julie D.: me toooooo 
R.A. Mizer: Man, why can't there be a author's con in Seattle lol 
R.A. Mizer: I'm all alone on the west coast haha 
Nicole Andrews Moore: becky, count on it! 
Renee: yes warm and we dont have mosquitos, that is why I dont miss New York and the winters 
Julie D.: well i have never been to any signing 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i'm dying to write with jb mcgee. i hear we have similar styles 
Nicole Andrews Moore:'s because you are in the middle. pick a coast! 
Renee: she is on my to be read you have no idea i am almost 800 books there 
Nicole Andrews Moore: where in ny, renee? i grew up in the adirondacks 
Julie D.: was any of your books based on anyone you know? 
Renee: RA Im here 
Teracia *waves*: do you have a writing ritual like a certain candy or music to get you int he mood or its it a compoulsion must write must write must write 
R.A. Mizer:! I didn't see where you're from 
Nicole Andrews Moore: julie...shhhhh! they are all fictional. ahem 
Renee: I grew up in brooklyn, moved to long island and then orange county 7 years ago 
Tammy Sipe: well, I would probably say east coast, cause I've only been to virginia and florida in the east. 
hookedonbooks: We will start hinting Nicole (I see she is watching the room HI B <3
Renee: Irvine in Southern Cali 
R.A. Mizer: Well at least we're on the same coast 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i have certain foods i love to snack on while writing. natural popcorn with white cheddar seasoning 
Nicole Andrews Moore: oh...and m&ms 
R.A. Mizer: I don't snack while writing.... I actually don't eat anything or drink anything.... because I'm concentrating so hard that I forget 
Tammy Sipe: and hot chocolate.... 
R.A. Mizer: I went two days without eating when I was finishing my last one 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i write when i kenna is sleeping or everyone is sleeping...or they are all entertaining themselves 
R.A. Mizer: lol 
Julie D.: even tho i don't write, when i read i don't eat, hoping to lose weight that way, lol
R.A. Mizer: But I was monstrously hungry after typing THE END... it was like 4 in the morning and I ate a PB&J then passed out 
hookedonbooks: Question by someone who can't make it.... Is there any song that comes to mind when you were writing First a dream? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i can't believe you read me, renee! 
Renee: you asked me to 
Katie Mac: Why the heck not? You're freaking brilliant!
Katie Mac: 
Julie D.: you tell her katie!! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: ummm...honestly...when i first started playing with that book, hero was huge! 
Renee: and now im going to stalk you 
Teracia *waves*: s right 
hookedonbooks: **Singing hero now**
Renee: girls how many books are on your e reader/kindle to be read? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: renee, i'm boring. right, katie? and tammy and becky...and elle 
Julie D.: No, you are definitely not boring, lol 
R.A. Mizer: I don't find you boring at all 
Nicole Andrews Moore: yes, i'm shameless. i didn't know you'd listen! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: now i have to count... 
hookedonbooks: Nicole your a giggle 
Nicole Andrews Moore: jb says i'm funny 
Katie Mac:, so boring! Yawn 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i try to keep her laughing, then she'll want to spend time with me 
Julie D.: how old were you when you starting writing? 
Teracia *waves*: honestly including dl tbr is 936 have read 58 of my 200 challenge and beta read as well 
Nicole Andrews Moore: wow 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i started writing bad stories very young 
Nicole Andrews Moore: then i started writing novels in college... 
R.A. Mizer: hey me too! first novella at 10 lol 
Elle: I'm sure they weren't that bad... 
Julie D.: bad stories? no way 
Renee: wow Teracia you are as bad as me
Nicole Andrews Moore: oh yes. 
Nicole Andrews Moore: my ex husband was never around at night...or day. i think that's why the marriage lasted as long as it did. so i would entertain myself in the evenings by reading and writing 
Teracia *waves*: lol now keep in mind my tbr continues to grow and there are 1563 books on my knindle but tbr is only 936 so i think im doing well 
Nicole Andrews Moore: holy cow 
Julie D.: any characters in your books based on real people?? 
hookedonbooks: Question from someone who cant make it.... What is your favourite book at the moment? (you can't say one of your own) 
R.A. Mizer: my first novella had a princess that got kidnapped by an evil guy who was jealous of his prince brother and he wanted to marry the princess but he was gross so she didn't want to.... then the two kids who came to the magical world had to save her... aided only by a leprechaun LOL 
Julie D.: lol r.a. 
R.A. Mizer: nice right? 
Teracia *waves*: lol @ leprechaun 
R.A. Mizer: 
Tammy Sipe: You are not boring! 
Renee: i just read Purple Heart it was good
Nicole Andrews Moore: L, I loved Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn
Renee: I hated Gine Girl 
Renee: I hated Gine Girl
Renee: I hated Gine Girl
R.A. Mizer: i know right?... and because I was really dumb at 10 I wrote, "a guy who was short, kind of like a midget but he was a leprechaun" 
Renee: I hated Gine Girl
Renee: gone girl sorry I was not a fan 
R.A. Mizer: sad to say my writing hasn't improved much lmao
Nicole Andrews Moore: i had to review it 
Nicole Andrews Moore: it creeped me out 
Nicole Andrews Moore: it stayed with me 
hookedonbooks: Question from someone who can't make it ... What advice would you give to someone wanting to become and author? 
hookedonbooks: Nicole---Julie D.: any characters in your books based on real people?? 
Teracia *waves*: have you ever read a book that was so bad you couldnt finish it because of editing 
R.A. Mizer: Hell if they want to become an author, then they are half way there... 
Nicole Andrews Moore: write. you have to love to write. you have to love to market. you have to be willing to put yourself out there in unexpected ways. 
Nicole Andrews Moore: all of new hope is based on our life. 
Nicole Andrews Moore: that should be food for thought 
Julie D.: oh that will make you think.. 
Nicole Andrews Moore: teracia, not because of editing. 
Nicole Andrews Moore: bad story lines 
Julie D.: being that it was in sc, is new hope a real town? never heard of it
Nicole Andrews Moore: nope 
Nicole Andrews Moore: the one thing fake is the town
Renee: I admire the writers, I couldn't do it, but then I never tried. I know a few nurses who actually became authors so maybe there is hope 
Julie D.: I didn't think so. 
R.A. Mizer: I have yet to release my first novel, so I have no idea whether I'm good at it or not 
Nicole Andrews Moore: now the spirit of the characters are the same 
Nicole Andrews Moore: some of the incidents really happened 
Julie D.: well, r.a. i will take an arc to read then???? lol 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i tell everyone that sam really did leave the lights on for me 
Julie D.: oh really nicole, now you have me intrigued 
Nicole Andrews Moore: there really was a finn 
Renee: that is sweet and one of my fave parts of the book too 
Julie D.: did you bitchslap finn?? lol 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i think i completely fell for him in that moment 
Tammy Sipe: me to RA I would be happy to BEta for you! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: no. i have yet to bitchslap anyone 
Julie D.: awwww how long have you been married 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i'm the classiest chick he knows
Julie D.: lol 
R.A. Mizer: when I'm done editing, I'll shoot you ladies a copy, just email me 
Nicole Andrews Moore: we've been together five years 
Renee: im married too long to remember some details 
Tammy Sipe: awesome 
Nicole Andrews Moore: married a year and a half 
Renee: your daughter got you closer I bet 
Nicole Andrews Moore: renee, a really bad first marriage makes the second time very special 
Julie D.: aww you're still a newleywed 
Julie D.: oops can't spell 
Nicole Andrews Moore: kenna brought everyone closer 
Teracia *waves*: first marriage = Practice 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i tell everyone it's a great learning experience 
Julie D.: i bet so nicole she is such a cutie
Renee: aaawwee so sweet I am married 26 years and still learning 
Teracia *waves*: loli just tell them it was practice to see how much shit i could shoulder 
Nicole Andrews Moore: and we all keep learning to keep it working 
Julie D.: married 19 and learning to. learning to tell him off a little more here lately, lol 
Tammy Sipe: married 22 years =) 
Nicole Andrews Moore: 
Julie D.: but you have older kids too, don't you? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: so what are you dying to know 
Teracia *waves*: lol ive been married 56 and a half years to a man i have known for 26 years we were best friends and we still are 
Katie Mac: 20 years here
Nicole Andrews Moore: yes, two older...because i'm old 
Nicole Andrews Moore: 19 and 15 
Teracia *waves*: lol 6 and a half years 
Teracia *waves*: lol 
Julie D.: lol, what do they think of you being an author? 
Tammy Sipe: OLD??? whatever! 
hookedonbooks: Katie, you have nearly been married all my life 
Katie Mac: So...once Stormy is finished, what's your next move? 
Julie D.: have they read your books? 
Katie Mac: Weezie! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: they don't think about it much...although my son thinks he'd like to write now 
Nicole Andrews Moore: rachel has read some of them...the 19 year old. 
R.A. Mizer: I've been married 6 years 
hookedonbooks: It just mean's that you can be a bridesmaid when i get married lol- but you can be the guest of honour 
Renee: my kids dont even like to read and I laugh at college English with my daughter saying I loved that class 
Katie Mac: 
Julie D.: am i invited??
Nicole Andrews Moore: katie...i'm just starting a four book series that will be done by the end of the year 
Julie D.: what genre? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: dark redemption series with melissa brodsky...paranormal romance 
hookedonbooks: okay okay Katie, you can be a bridesmaid 
Katie Mac: Why doesn't that surprise me? 
Renee: I like redemption 
Katie Mac: What besides Dark Redemption? 
Julie D.: hanging my head down as I say i haven't ever read any paranormal romance 
Katie Mac: ok julie 
Nicole Andrews Moore: and i'm working on talking someone into writing a book with me 
Julie D.: i just a pure romantic, lol
Katie Mac: Bahahahaha 
hookedonbooks: We are all gonna work on that person Nicole 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i have a book that i started and i need to finish. i rather like the premise... 
Katie Mac: Wonder who... 
Renee: I think it is hard to write with a partner. Who would you pick besides JV 
Renee: JB 
R.A. Mizer: I think I'm too abusive and controlling to write with a partner lOL 
Nicole Andrews Moore: ummm...katie, if she'd put up with me 
R.A. Mizer: LOL* 
Teracia *waves*: lol 
Katie Mac: Renee...they'll write and we'll be JV cheereleaders for them! 
Renee: ok ill do that 
Julie D.: i think you and katie would be awesome, but i need to be there to referee, lol 
Nicole Andrews Moore: maybe nicole edwards 
Katie Mac: That could be a problem Nic 
Nicole Andrews Moore: we could publish as the nicoles 
hookedonbooks: I'm sure that B and Nicole will defo write together 
Katie Mac: Yummy...nicole edwards 
Katie Mac: I want to read those! 
Julie D.: I have only read 1 of her books 
Katie Mac: RAWR 
Julie D.: lol 
Nicole Andrews Moore: renee, have you read any nicole edwards? 
hookedonbooks: JULIE!!!! Get them read's books are amazing 
Nicole Andrews Moore: she is kicking my butt 
Katie Mac: Julie...Nicole Edwards...​ 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i'm hoping that my chapter at the back draws some interest and people come check me out 
Teracia *waves*: do you invision the covers of your books b4 you get them or do you search for one that will fit the story 
Julie D.: Keep in mind katie that i have only starting reading since august of last year, so i am still working on some, lol
Nicole Andrews Moore: ahhhh...covers 
Katie Mac: That's right J...forgot 
R.A. Mizer: LD 
R.A. Mizer:**** 
Katie Mac: I bet you have an amazing cover artist don't you! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i have discovered that sometimes you think you have a title and cover in mind, then the graphic designer shoots you out of the water or talks you into something else 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i have a couple of cover artists 
Nicole Andrews Moore: jb does all my contemporary romances 
Renee: i checked my amazon and have 4 of her books I havent read I guess I better
Nicole Andrews Moore: and ra does everything else 
Julie D.: so if you disagree, do they win, or do you get the final decision?? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: jb usually wins 
Nicole Andrews Moore: she's a best seller 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i'd be crazy to argue with her 
Nicole Andrews Moore: she 
Nicole Andrews Moore: not going to mess me up 
Nicole Andrews Moore: anything else you are dying to know? 
Julie D.: besides chocolate, what's your favorite food? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: sushi 
hookedonbooks: Other than JB is there anyone else you would like to write with? 
Julie D.: ewwww 
Teracia *waves*: note to self never eat with ms nicole 
hookedonbooks: Is there any food's you really don't like? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: avocado 
Julie D.: any plans for any of your books to be a movie? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i would love to be nicholas sparks 
Nicole Andrews Moore: write a book, make a movie 
Renee: haha I live on Avocado Street and have a tree too, NEVER ate the things either 
Nicole Andrews Moore: whew! 
Katie Mac: Send them to me Renee! 
hookedonbooks: who is your celebrity crush? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: katie, you can eat mine 
Renee: never read nicolas parks either 
Julie D.: me either renee 
Renee: yeesh im note alone! 
Tammy Sipe: oh renee you are so missing out! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: celebrity crush...i had a bit of a thing for ian somerhalder...or jensen ackles 
Renee: maybe he would be a guest on my blog 
Julie D.: ahhh ian somerhalder, wow 
Nicole Andrews Moore: and i get an invite? 
Julie D.: what do you like to do when you're not writing? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: oh, nicholas sparks on the blog 
hookedonbooks: i can't say anything about Ian- T will tell me off 
Renee: Jensen is cute but too young for me 
Renee: I guess for him to come on the blog I would have to beg and then read his books 
Nicole Andrews Moore: 
Renee: who would you cast for Joe/Joey 
Nicole Andrews Moore: did you see maid of honor? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: that hot red head 
hookedonbooks: Would you ever write with Sam? (hubby) 
Renee: I dont watch tv and my last movies were GI Joe and Iron Man 
Nicole Andrews Moore: no, but i spell for him all the time 
Tammy Sipe: I don't picture Sam being a writer.
Tammy Sipe: ROFL Nicole! 
Julie D.: lol nicole 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i have a board on pinterest for new hope 
Teracia *waves*: lol @ spell for him 
Renee: oh i will look at that 
Teracia *waves*: o0o0o0 link us 
Julie D.: so he is supportive of you then?? 
Teracia *waves*: i love me some time sucking pinterest 
Renee: I used to love a wrestler Randy Orton he is my hotness 
Teracia *waves*: lol my daughter love that guy 
Nicole Andrews Moore: the rock 
Teracia *waves*: lol heres dating myself bret heart and brittish bulldog 
Renee: I loved the Rock like 20 years ago now I dont know lost some appeal to me as did Jon Cena 
Teracia *waves*: many many many yesras ago
Teracia *waves*: years too 
Nicole Andrews Moore: never jon cena 
Renee: I was a pink and black attack fan too 
Nicole Andrews Moore: 
Julie D.: nicole, what do you like to do when you're not writing? 
Teracia *waves*: ok but cena is nice to look at 
Nicole Andrews Moore: family 
Julie D.: that's great, not many people want to do family time anymore. 
hookedonbooks: Do you have any tattoo's? 
Renee: travel to California LOL 
Teracia *waves*: travel continental or more adventure.
Nicole Andrews Moore: tatt and that one we talked about planned 
Nicole Andrews Moore: 
Nicole Andrews Moore: more adventurous 
hookedonbooks: I can't wait to get our tatt 
Nicole Andrews Moore: we're heading to the caribbean on saturday
Julie D.: oh you lucky thing!! 
Renee: I had a patient with one on her back and she was in for a hip replacement all I can say is yikes rolling stones need I say more? 
Teracia *waves*: excellent 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i tell everyone we had a destination wedding in the mountains, then kenna, then 6 months in the hospital, then nine months of isolation 
Teracia *waves*: lol renee thats what they look like now lol her tat aged as gracefully as they did 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i need to get out 
Julie D.: oh after that, you definitely need to get out 
Julie D.: im going to miss you 
Renee: Not as bad as old lady breast implants think --- rocks in a sock not cool
Nicole Andrews Moore: i want a reduction 
Renee: Nicole you going alone I hope 
Nicole Andrews Moore: no, bringing sam and kenna with me 
Teracia *waves*: lol ty for the visual there renee 
Julie D.: if it's not too personal, what does sam do?
Teracia *waves*: pokes out minds eye with pencil 
Nicole Andrews Moore: 
Renee: sorry but here I see it too much and I work geriatric hospice 
Nicole Andrews Moore: these days...he's working on selling our home remodeling company 
Julie D.: oh nice 
Nicole Andrews Moore: we have a plan to move further south and live on a boat 
Renee: oh so you got a thing for guys with good hands like carpenters? contractors? 
Teracia *waves*: oh awesome 
Nicole Andrews Moore: heck yeah 
Nicole Andrews Moore: my ginger is hawt 
Teracia *waves*: a man should not have smooth hands 
Julie D.: huh? nicole 
Julie D.: move? 
Renee: no rough is nice 
Nicole Andrews Moore: yup 
Julie D.: how far south? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: we're talking hutchinson island, fl or the keys 22:14
Nicole Andrews Moore: because i can write anywhere 
Julie D.: oh wow that is pretty south. 
Julie D.: then can me and katie come visit?? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: of course! 
Renee: where do you write now? 
Nicole Andrews Moore: we'll go shopping and eat chocolate 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i write on the couch 
Julie D.: oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh 
Renee: do you type and write or record and teanscribe? 
Katie Mac: I am so down with that plan! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: type and write 
Julie D.: someone told me that i should write my life history, i once saw a man catch on fire, very disturbing 
Nicole Andrews Moore: by accident? 
Renee: that has to be hard got a way to keep characters straight or is your brain that good? 
Julie D.: yes, he threw a match down and stepped on it and it went up his leg 
Nicole Andrews Moore: ummm...i guess i'm okay 
Renee: Julie gosh 
Katie Mac: It's supper time y'all! I am heading to the kitchen. Love you bunches and Tammy, don't forget my chocolate! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i just get in the mood, or my groove, or something and it comes out all right 
Julie D.: bye katieeeeee 
Nicole Andrews Moore: tammy is giving away more chocolate! Bye, katie! 
Teracia *waves*: nice meeting you katie
Renee: I for one think it is amazing what you and when I am done with this giveaway I will do a stormy chocolate book 
Nicole Andrews Moore: thank you, renee! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i am dying to meet you! 
Julie D.: let me know reneeeeee 
Nicole Andrews Moore: come to pittsburg! 
R.A. Mizer: oo... make it some spicy chocolate 
Julie D.: ewww spicy 
hookedonbooks: <3 Katie 
hookedonbooks: Nicole...... are you going to be nice and give us a tease 
Renee: They have a chocolate bar that reads Book Lovers Chocolate so of course I order a few in each flavor and I am keeping Jenns from Jennas jewelry busy 
Nicole Andrews Moore: well, i shared some plot from the next book, L 
Nicole Andrews Moore: 
Tammy Sipe: pm me your addy katie 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i haven't technically started writing it yet
Nicole Andrews Moore: when i do...teasers galore! 
Julie D.: yeahhhh i love teasers 
Teracia *waves*: teasers are good 
Renee: ok no pressure but write more ok? I do enjoy the stories! and have a wonderful time on your trip 
Nicole Andrews Moore: i will! I'm so excited to get that book written. believe me. i won't make you wait long! so, let me go feed the munchkin. and get back to work! Thank you everyone for coming. You make me feel special! 
Tammy Sipe: fun chat Nicole, thank you! 
Julie D.: Thanks Nicole!! I enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Nicole Andrews Moore: <3 
Teracia *waves*: nice getting to know u more thankies 
Renee: ty doll 
R.A. Mizer: ^_^ 
Teracia *waves*
Nicole Andrews Moore: thank you! 

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