Saturday, 25 May 2013

Karen R. Williams Author spotlight

Author's name: Karen R. Williams

Bio: Karen learned at an early age that she loved reading and writing. Growing up watching her mother read books on a regular basis sparked something inside of Karen that, fortunately, was never quenched. Karen would even ditch school just to hang out at the public library and bury her head between the pages of a horror or mystery novel for the duration of the day.  She read anything that she could get her hands which included dictionaries and encyclopedias.
    Karen is one of three sisters. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. New York is the only place she has lived in besides her native state. 
     Karen's debut book; I'm A Christian On My Way To Hell copyright 2013, is scheduled to be released this month, May 2013. It is the first of many books she eagerly awaits to share with the world. 

Future plans:  There are many plans Karen is working on to combat illiteracy and encourage the youth to put down the game controllers and pick up books to read. She is a firm believer in the mind and spirit being exercised as well as the physical body. There are too many people who lack imagination and creativity due to being uninspired and unmotivated. She plans to develop programs that are aimed to encourage today's youth to actively use their minds in a more creative fashion and it starts with reading. 
Write with:  There are too many authors to name that Karen would like to co-author a book with. 

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