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Between the Raindrops- K Pinson- Cover reveal

Cover Reveal
Between the Raindrops~K. Pinson
Release Date: TBA
Cover Design: MGbookcovers

... Synopsis
Nevaeh Daniels isn't like your typical twenty-four year old. She doesn't have life all figured out and frankly, she just doesn't give a damn.

She parties too hard, cusses too much and has no true direction in life.

Her parents gave up on her long before and focus solely on her identical twin sister, perfection at it's finest, Heaven Daniels. Well at least they did... until she commits suicide and puts the reputation of her family and herself at stake. Her parents refuse to go back to a life of squalor, so they devise a plan. A plan to give Nevaeh a life she never thought she'd have; fortune, fame and the love of fellow Hollywood hottie, Tate Monahugh. But he isn't the only one interested in getting inside her head and discovering her true being.

Are the lifestyles of the rich and famous all they are really cracked up to be or will Nevaeh succumb to her old life of solitude and forget-it-all attitude?

S Moose - raises money for Domestic violence

Adam and Sophia were best friends but when tragedy strikes it's more than Adam can handle and he leaves Sophia alone in the dark.

Four years later, Adam and Sophia are reunited and the sparks between them return but is it too late?

Sophia is happy again and has let go of the darkness. She has great friends and a sweet boyfriend name Kyle. Now that Adam is back how will she be able to balance her boyfriend and her best friend?

The darkness always finds you again but will Adam be able to save her or leave her again?

Why did you choice to have domestic abuse in your book?
Although I have never personally experienced domestic abuse, but when I used to work at a security company, an alarm came in and I responded. The woman told me that everything is okay and it was an accident. I was about to end the call but then she asked me about programs to help women who are victims of domestic abuse. I gave her the information and she began to tell me her story. I sat there in front of my computer stunned. I listened to her experience and it's always stayed with me.
I've been inspired by so many authors and works of literature. I want to inspire others the way I've been inspired.

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In Too Deep Review

 In Too Deep (Book 1: Others of Edenton)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Released: April 15th, 2013





Fallon is a brilliant tattoo artist with inherent magic. Tired of men and their games, she climbs onto her Harley and leaves her old life behind.
Brody is a talented motorcycle mechanic and werewolf stuck in his painful past. It’s just another depressing night until he’s attacked by vampires. Thinking he killed them, he runs into the night and crashes into Fallon.
Unwilling to walk away from anyone in need, she heals Brody and then takes out the vampires who aren’t as dead as he thought. Her past collides with the present, and she finds herself stranded in Edenton, Washington where an old friend lives. With no ride and no real plan, she winds up staying in Brody’s empty apartment.
Feeling alive for the first time in years, Brody is determined to claim Fallon’s heart and keep her safe from the shadows in her past. However, she prides herself on her independence and would rather keep him safe, even from herself.
With the impending danger from the group of vampires and dark mages, they will have to work together. The closer they get, the harder it is for her to fight her attraction.
Be prepared for monsters, magic and lots of ink.


In a heartbeat - Hilary Storm blog tour

Author BIO 

Hilary Storm lives with her high school sweetheart and three children in EnidOklahoma. She drives her husband crazy talking about book characters everyday like they are real people. She graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University with an MBA in Accounting and has a full time job as an accountant. Her passions include being a mom, writing, reading, photography, music, mocha coffee, and spending time with friends and family. She is the author of the 'Rebel Walking' Series. Book One: 'In a Heartbeat' is due to release in June. 

In a Heartbeat (Rebel Walking #1) 

Eaven Bennett is a college student with a passion for photography. She has high hopes of completing college and starting a new life as she moves away from her hometown with her best friend, Ivy Adams. Her last boyfriend ruined any chance of her trusting ever again. 
Talon Walker is the dark and intriguing drummer for the up and coming band ‘Rebel Walking’. A tragedy in his past has left him empty with no desire for a relationship. That is until he meets Eaven. 
One minute your heart is filled with love, the next your entire life comes crashing down. Everything can change in a heartbeat. Can Eaven and Talon overcome the obstacles in their way and find love? 

 'In A Heartbeat' Playlist
Nickelback - Photograph 

Phil Collins - In the air tonight
The Fray - Kiss Me
Hinder - someday
Creed - One Last Breath
Seether - The Gift
Seether - Broken Amy Lee from Evanescence
The Fray - Never Say Never
Heartbeat - The fray
John Tyree - All I Ever Wanted
Breaking Benjamin - Crawl covered by Seventh Awakening


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Every Rose Promo

What do you do when you realize you were foolish enough to throw away true, unconditional love?  
Lorraina Dabney turns her back on her creativity and tumultuous upbringing to embark on a college career that will lead her to law school and to becoming what she values most in life—a controlled, powerful, respected woman. When she stumbles upon her childhood friend's artwork, she feels inspired to reconnect with him and her former self.  This onslaught of emotion will send Lorraina into a tale-spin to figure out exactly why she abandoned all that she was, all that she could've been. 
Coming from his own chaotic upbringing, Michael falls quickly and deeply in love with Lorraina at a tender age. Even her rejection can't stand in the way of his obsession. When she starts to date other boys, however, Michael finally relents, causing him to spiral further into a world filled with violence, drugs, alcohol, and women. Realizing his lifestyle will only lead to his further estrangement from Lorraina, Michael sets about to turn himself around before going to get his girl. 
Michael Bang will have Lorraina questioning everything. 
Author Bio: 
For as long as she can remember, Lynetta Halat has lived to read and has written countless stories and plays since she was a young girl. A teacher by day and an avid reader and closet writer by night, she has always dreamt of penning books that people could connect with and remember; and her first novel, Every Rose, is the perfect catalyst to launch her into the world of publishing. Her love of the English language prompted her to pursue a master's degree in English from Old Dominion University in Virginia. A self-proclaimed "Coast Girl," she lives in Mississippi with her adorable husband, two amazing sons, and two loveable dogs. She is currently at work on her second book. 
Social Links: 
Facebook Website | Twitter 
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Michael shakes his head and grins at me. I fight the sudden urge to run my hands through that silky midnight hair of his. “Always so quick to label and categorize.  I guess that’s what will make you an excellent attorney. Assess. Label. Categorize. Add up the W’s. ” He leans in a little and whispers, “How about we just go with the flow? See where it leads us. Label later?” He raises his brows, offering my type-A dominant personality a direct challenge. 
Caution to the wind, very atypical for me, I reply, “OK. I’m up for it.” Challenge accepted. “You?” Challenge returned. 
“You bet, Lorraina,” he rasps softly. 
He leans into my door and places his hands on top of mine. I’m suddenly quite anxious and ever so grateful for the door between us. My hands get clammy and my heart races. Blood races and pounds in my ears, making me feel very much awake now. One hand moves up to brush my hair from my forehead and moves down feather light until his knuckles brush across my cheekbone and lips. He pulls his thumb slowly across my lips. It’s excruciating. It’s exquisite. 
Both of his hands come forward to frame my face gently, and he pulls me in for a kiss. A too quick kiss. It’s over before I realize it’s even begun. He gives me a half smile and turns and walks away. 
“Michael!” My voice barely sounds human. More animal in nature. It’s raw with ache. 
He turns and takes two long strides back to me. This time when he grasps my head it’s anything but gentle. He pulls my lip in and nudges my lips open with his. All rational thought escapes me. I mirror his grasp and enjoy the fullness I feel with him in my mouth. I give as good as I get. This kiss is nothing like our two before. I savor it. 
When he turns to walk away, I release a long pent up breath. If he would’ve looked back, he would’ve seen that I was the one on my knees now. 

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Velveteen - Review


From the Amazon Best-Selling author of "Seven Days, Seven Nights" & "Second Chance" comes the eagerly awaited fifth volume in the series of "Seth & Amber Erotic Tales".

"Velveteen" picks up where "Seven Days, Seven Nights" left off and it is going to be one HOT Summer.

Seth Noonan has just returned from a successful Book Tour and his wife Amber has plenty of saucy surprises in store for her husband's return and with Seth's school reunion just around the corner she intends to use all of her tricks to ensure that her husband attends.

Taking kinky to whole new heights Seth and Amber couldn't be happier, slowly they have grown in to the new roles that they have defined for themselves...

BUT when long hidden secrets are brought to light and tragedy strikes will their love be enough?

Contains scenes of an adult nature including graphic sex scenes and violence.

This Tale is approx 24,000 words in length

Wow, what a end to the Seth and Amber series. It has the same theme, within the book. The author manages to grab you with both hands and pull you in. I cried so much in this book, he's emotions are pour into it so well. He continues to write the hottest erotic sex I have read in a while.

My Unexpected Forever - The Beaumont Series #2 - Cover reveal

Expected publication: 
September 1st 2013 by Bandit Publishing Company

I expected a life of music.
I expected to raise my son.

It took one look to make everything change.
I never expected happiness.
I never expected to find her.
I never expected to feel desire.
I never expected I’d be a family man.
I never expected to be loved.
I never expected to fall in love.
They say you should expect the unexpected. I didn’t realize my unexpected would be the forever kind.

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Heidi McLaughling is offering My Unexpected Forever up for pre-buy for those attending the Naughty Mafia Rocks Vegas 2013. Pre-buy:

Pre-buy My Unexpected Forever for August delivery:

Heidi is the author of USA Today, Digital Book World, Amazon and Barnes & Noble Bestselling novel, Forever My Girl.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she now lives in picturesque Vermont, with her husband and two daughters. Also renting space in their home is an over-hyper Beagle/Jack Russell and two Parakeets.

During the day Heidi is behind a desk talking about Land Use. At night, she's writing one of the many stories planned for release or sitting court-side during either daughter's basketball games.

Website | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest | Tumblr | Facebook | Blog 

Cover Reveal for Worthy Of Redemption By L.D Davis

After his devastating actions in Accidentally On Purpose, Kyle Sterling is trying to move on. He has lost the love of his life and he does not believe he is worthy of ever being loved again.
Lily Whitman has been devastated by the ultimate betrayal and later tragedy hits her heart full force. She doubts she will ever be able to give her heart to anyone again. She hides her own demons behind a wall of colorful hair, piercings, tattoos and a style and attitude that is all her own.
Kyle and Lily find themselves thrown together when Lily takes a position at Sterling Corporation after her place of employment burned to the ground. Lily is the complete opposite of the type of woman that Kyle has ever had any interest in. Lily is rough around the edges and challenges Kyle at every step. Despite his dick-like disposition and violent past, Lily fights to prove to Kyle that he is worthy – of being loved, and worthy of redemption, but Kyle is afraid of repeating history and he can’t let go of his past…And maybe a very important someone from his past isn’t ready to let go yet either….
Release Date: July 23, 2013