Thursday, 13 June 2013

My Real smile- Crystal Spears

Crystal resides in Indiana with her family, her dog Dozer and two fancy rats. She enjoys the outdoors and in the summer you will rarely catch her at home. Her other passions aside from writing are singing, dancing and photography. She is a retired blogger and professional book reviewer.
She began writing at an early age, short stories and poems for school. It wasn't until she was around nineteen did she venture more into the writing world. While writing Talania she discovered the depth she could achieve if she just kept on going. So... she did and now she is developing the beautiful story Underneath the Willow Tree.


Eighteen year old Kiara is expected to be just like her older sister. She wants a normal senior year where she can be just herself. She is a depressed girl who hides her true feelings behind her fake smile and in her hideaway dead forest. Her boyfriend of two years does something horrible and they split. But, there is a new boy in town, can he make her smile real? Or does Alanna, Kiara's older sister threaten to ruin everything when she blows back in town? Between Justin the ex-boyfriend, her horrible mother , her crazy sister and the new guy her life couldn't get more turned upside down. Love at first sight can also be a bad thing. 

This is a trilogy novella series. It's fast paced and easy to read. 

Not for readers 17 and younger.


My Real smile, is an amazing read, one that you can read over and over again. I loved Kiera and Luke. They are perfect together. 
I do with that Alanna and Justin would just go away sometimes, but I love them begin around.

I love Kiera's best friend Shay, she is so that girl next door, a friend you would want to keep, she is so sweet. 

Adding music into it made me fall in love with the book even more, I love when Luke sings to her. Who wouldn't want someone to sing to you?

I cant wait for the follow on in the story, the wait is killing me. 

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