Sunday, 16 June 2013

Devon Herrera - Sapphire Universe






Rule #1 Do NOT ignore the signs. 

Rule #2 Pay attention.

Rule #3 The less they know about you, the harder it is for them to hurt you.

Rule #4 Comfort is dangerous. It can be taken away.

Rule #5 Need is a handicap. It can cripple you.

Rule #6 He isn’t what he seems. Don’t trust him.

Simple rules made for a simple purpose. Nina Ryan learned early on in life that if you want to avoid being hurt, you need to be proactive. If you pay attention the Universe will always steer you in the right direction. It will help keep you safe. So, she follows the rules, and she is safe. Until Connor Wright barges his way through all her carefully laid defenses and threatens to destroy the comfortable life she has created. Faithfully following her #1 rule, Nina tries to accept that the Universe has pushed Connor and her lives together for a purpose. Determined to make Nina his, Connor chips away at the walls Nina has placed around her heart and her secrets. Is Nina following the signs that will lead her down the right path, or does Connor hold secrets of his own that will ruin Nina for good? Only the Universe knows.

For 18+ only due to sexual content and mature situations.



Sapphire universe is a dramatic story with lots and lots of action. A well written novel that keeps the reader engaged and wondering what will happen next. I found this book an exciting read and it kept me guessing as to how it would unfold. The characters (a music teacher and a CEO's assistant) were well described. The storyline grips the reader and I found myself not being able to put this book down until completion. You will become attached to the characters because of the mystery surrounding them. Read and enjoy,

My score for Sapphire universe is 5/5.


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