Friday, 7 June 2013

Michael Ness Author spotlight

31 yr. old former Art Institute student (animation arts)
Indie Author, Freelance Artist
Living in Seattle, Washington

Five facts about me you don’t know -
1. I can play some music(bass guitar)
2. I wrote the first draft of E.L.F. (my debut novel releasing july 1st) in 30 days (125k+ words)
3. I love Jalepeno Peppers! :)
4. I thoroughly enjoy the cw11 show Supernatural
5. The first time I met bestselling fantasy author Terry Brooks, was the first time I was 'starstruck' nervous. I told him he was my hero. He laughed and told me I needed a new hero.

Interests and hobbies -
Books, writing, art, painting, drawing, anything fantasy, movies, sci-fi,

Books -
E.L.F. - White Leaves (debut novel set to release July 1st)(I do my own cover art)

Reviewed in unedited Free Serial Form at 4*'s by Graff Review team
E.L.F. was originally written as a screenplay under tutelage of John Keister(seattle's "Almost Live" and "The 206" sketch comedy shows)
In its Free Serial Fiction, unedited form @ it was first published) it also ranked #1 voted serial for 2 of its 6 month run (january/february 2013), back to back!

If I could write with anyone it would be- Terry Brooks, cuz he's so good and I wouldn't have to do any work aside from coming up with neat ideas and letting him write em. lol 
I joke. 
It'd actually be Maynard James Keenan from progressive band, Tool...because I think he could help me write an intricate, dark, elaborate story filled with stuff that might not have been seen or done before. It'd be...uniquetastimus. (not a word, but closest to what I'd explain it as)

Added "other stuff" -

*I will have a guest spot on 99.9 fm KISW The Rock of Seattle, BJ Shea's podcast, "Geek Nation" on June 7th; to talk about upcoming book release/party, selfpublishing, fantasy, and whatever else comes up!
Geek Nation Podcast Home-

*I have a kickstarter in the works to help fund the Book Launch Event! Which, I'm doing differently than the typical dry book party fair. This even is a multi-art night out in Seattle. Live Art, Music, Comedy, Spoken word, Video, a word from the author, meet the author, book!

@ Jewelbox Theater/Rendezvous
2322 2nd ave. Seattle, WA
July 5th! 6-10 p.m.

Kickstarter Link-
Already 31% funded! small, easy goal to hit too! bookish and entertainment rewards!

Follow me @ Michael_P_Ness on twitter, or @ 
Website is under construction as well.

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