Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Carey Heywood Author Spotlight


I make up stuff and write it down. Here are some things that make up who I am, in no particular order; Books, Swedish Fish, Rivers, Kids (I have some), Husband (I have 1), Dog, Wuss, Reader, Elephants, Mermaid Shows, Belgian Chocolate, Plastic Rings, Fizzy Water, Abs (I don't have them...well yes, I have them but they're nothing to look at I meant Abs that I like to look at),Twitter. I like Dancing, Old Movies, Cartoons, Belgian Waffles, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, People, Kayaks, Screen Porches, Laughing, Colored Paperclips, Junky Green Laptop, Golden Rule, Falling in Love, Jumping in Puddles, Spellcheck, Windy Days.

Five facts about me:

I'm scared of sea monsters, I have eleven screws in my jaw, I was in the Air Force, I'm double jointed, my favorite donuts are the ones that look like monster truck tires.

Interests and Hobbies:

Writing, reading, knitting, tattoos, kayaking, old movies...


A Bridge of Her Own


Stages of Grace

Him (July 2013)

If I could write with anyone it would be:

L.M. Montgomery, I want to live at Green Gables, and marry Gilbert Blythe.


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  1. Awesome post and gorgeous covers!! Loved your fun facts, Carey! :D