Friday, 28 June 2013

Velveteen - Review


From the Amazon Best-Selling author of "Seven Days, Seven Nights" & "Second Chance" comes the eagerly awaited fifth volume in the series of "Seth & Amber Erotic Tales".

"Velveteen" picks up where "Seven Days, Seven Nights" left off and it is going to be one HOT Summer.

Seth Noonan has just returned from a successful Book Tour and his wife Amber has plenty of saucy surprises in store for her husband's return and with Seth's school reunion just around the corner she intends to use all of her tricks to ensure that her husband attends.

Taking kinky to whole new heights Seth and Amber couldn't be happier, slowly they have grown in to the new roles that they have defined for themselves...

BUT when long hidden secrets are brought to light and tragedy strikes will their love be enough?

Contains scenes of an adult nature including graphic sex scenes and violence.

This Tale is approx 24,000 words in length

Wow, what a end to the Seth and Amber series. It has the same theme, within the book. The author manages to grab you with both hands and pull you in. I cried so much in this book, he's emotions are pour into it so well. He continues to write the hottest erotic sex I have read in a while.

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