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Beneath Your Beautiful Cover Reveal

Tamsyn is a 21 year old blogger turned author from South Africa who has an insatiable hunger for New Adult Contemporary Romance novels, coffee and chocolate. When she’s not getting caught up in yet another steamy romance with a new book boyfriend, she can be found spending endless hours working away on her laptop in pursuit of her Marketing degree and a career in book Publishing. Tamsyn is a Brat when it comes to books and believes that every story, no matter how challenging, should have a Happy Ever After. Tamsyn is currently hard at work on her debut novel Beneath Your Beautiful, set to be available July 2013.

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Blurb: On the outside, Huntley Morgan is your typical girl-next-door, with her long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, and that’s exactly what she wants people to see. Her name exposes her to the demons of her past but remembering her reason for moving across the country to start over is what keeps her alive. For the first time since the brutal murder of her mother, Huntley allows herself to care about the people around her. Grayson Carter has everything a 21yr old College Senior could wish for – he’s the star of Whitley University’s football team, he has a different girl willing to be in his bed every night and a supportive family. For years he has managed keep his family together and hide their dark secrets from the small town of Breckinridge, Alabama.  When Huntley and Grayson meet, a force so strong pulls them together in a hurricane of feelings neither of them could have ever anticipated. Huntley and Grayson try to stay away from each other, but when Huntley’s demons seek her out, their pasts become the biggest storm of all.  Will they learn to trust each other and build a new future together or will they simply do nothing to prevent history from repeating itself?

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Excerpt #1 My breath catches in my throat and it’s like all time is standing still, freezing this moment before it flies past too quickly. Nothing else exists. Her blonde hair is pulled up high in a messy bun with a few loose tendrils hanging in her face. She’s wearing a white sundress that compliments her sun kissed skin and red cowboy boots that make her legs look they go on forever. God have mercy… those legs… My mind goes straight to conjuring up images of seeing her in nothing but those red boots.  Damn… I don’t think Blondie could get any hotter but then she proves me wrong when she laughs, a light choral sound that echoes through every bone in my body and settles itself in the core of my stomach. I am completely transfixed, my eyes following her every move until she disappears into the kitchen. 

Excerpt #2 The timing couldn’t be worse because as he makes his way around to where Brody was sitting I finally get a good look at him.  Oh.My.God The True Religion jeans he has on hug his lean waist and his grey fitted shirt does nothing to hide his well-defined chest. If I had to guess, he’s at least 6 feet tall. That only draws my attention to his broad shoulders and I see now that he’s a whole lotta muscle. Add all of this to a square jaw and full lips and you’ve found the perfect recipe for one thing…Sex On Legs. His mouth pulls up in a sexy smirk when he catches me staring and I blush before turning my gaze away. Some people would say I just eye-fucked him and unfortunately, I’m inclined to agree. I may have sworn off all guys but I’m still human and can’t help my physical reaction to such a gorgeous piece of man. The fact that he’s obviously half past drunk should’ve stopped me but nooo I still undressed him with my eyes.
Excerpt #3 I walk to the door but when I open it I’m completely unprepared for what’s in front of me.  Or rather who is in front of me.  Huntley is wearing a coral sundress with matching pumps. The colour accentuates her sun-kissed skin. She’s glowing.  Her hair is curled and left loose, hanging down past her shoulders. My eyes stop at her lips, pink and glossy. I stand there like an idiot and shamelessly drink her curves in.  She clears her throat and for a brief second I’m lost in the depth of those Cobalt irises. I have never seen stormy blue eyes until now.  They tell a story, about what I’m not sure, but its there, in those stormy depths and I want to find out what it is.  “Hi,” she whispers. Her musical voice moves through my body and jolts me from my daze.

Excerpt #4 He chuckles and I watch his chest move with the sound. “I said,” his voice still a breathy whisper, “You can look. I know you want to.” I swallow. Hard.  Of course he’s right. I want to look.  So I do. His lips are parted, his breathing coming out in short wisps like mine. His chin is covered in light stubble and I have the sudden urge to lick it. The skin on his neck is smooth, still coated in droplets of water that skate over the light freckles on his shoulders. I know his shoulders are broad but I didn’t see how broad until now. My scrutiny stops at his pecs and spot the little silver bar sticking out of his nipple. Fuuuuck. That’s so sexy. I bite my tongue to prevent myself from pulling it into my mouth. His hand slips under my shirt and rests on my hip. His thumb traces lazy circles on my hip bone and my skin blazes from the fervour of that small stroke. Oh.My.God. He’s teasing me, tempting me. I rest my hands in his chest and gently graze my index fingers over his nipples. It makes me smile when I feel him shiver.  He isn’t as unaffected as he’d have me think. I look back up and he’s staring at me, trying to see right into my soul. It’s unnerving, like the feel of his racing heartbeat under my palm. I like that it’s racing because of me. He moves his leg and pushes it up between the apex of my thighs. I bite my lip but it doesn’t stop a moan from escaping my mouth. He has me so tightly strung I’m afraid one more slight brush of his leg will set me off. “Do you know how crazy you make me?” he asks, his eyes never leaving mine. I nod and he gives me his lopsided grin. God I want to kiss him so badly. “Why have you been avoiding me?” I ask. I need to know. We can’t keep tip-toeing around each other like this. “Because this is a bad idea. You’re going to break me and I’m already damaged. I’m just not sure how much longer I can stay away from you.” His answer surprises me. I take a step forward, his bare chest only a sliver of space away from mine.
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