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Blog Tour ~ The Shoe ~ Trista Jaszczak

Title – The Shoe
Series – The Believe Series – Book #2
Author – Trista Jaszczak
Genre – Romance, fairy tale retelling
Publication Date – 6 August 2013
Publisher – Front Porch Romance
Cover Artist – Designs by Charisma


All Blair Miller has ever wanted was to study fashion in New York City. But as one door closed for her, another door opened. A bright and beautiful door that led her straight to a job at celebrity frequented, high end fashion boutique, ATTRAYANT, where she has now worked for years. When an invitation arrives for a masked ball that is being thrown to celebrate a world famous rock band’s new album, Blair finds herself being transformed into Cinderella for the night. When Blair not only falls for Prince of Rock, Hunter but also loses a precious $8,000.00 shoe, she finds herself in possibly the biggest mess of her entire life. How can she reveal who and what she really is to Prince Charming? How can she afford to replace such an expensive shoe? With the help of her two “Fairy God Fathers” who are pushing for her happily ever after…anything could happen.


It’s difficult to feel at ease here. The guests are all so…expensive? Perhaps that’s not the right word. They’re…elite. A far cry from the girl who sells them all the goods. I wander around, taking in each person, their costumes, who they’re talking to. I float among the guests, a few even taking a moment to say hello, as though they truly recognize me. Ugh. Why did I let Christian and Anthony talk me into this? What the hell am I supposed to do here? Really try meet “Prince Charming?” Honestly, does Prince Charming exist? Is there some man out there ready to sweep me off my feet, fly me to exotic places and treat me like a queen? I manage to hold back a laugh and I smile as I work my way passed the masked waiter with the tray of champagne and wiggle my way to a corner. I look up to immediately connect my eyes with his. I’m shocked. So shocked that I glance away as quickly as I can. For some reason though I find it hard not to look at him and instead of keeping my gaze on the floor, I find myself staring, trying to keep control and a closed mouth. He finally smiles underneath the simple black mask that covers only his eyes, but even with part of his face covered, he is a vision of perfection in his traditional black tuxedo. The same masked waiter passes him and he gingerly takes two champagne flutes from the silver tray. He begins working his way through the crowd, moving bit by bit, closer to me. Suddenly he’s standing right in front of me before I have time to truly make sense of any of it.
                “Hi,” he says, softly.
                I look at him and force myself to speak, “Hi.”
                “Would you like a drink?” He asks, extending the champagne to me.
                “Might as well, you were sweet enough to bring me a drink. Thank you.” I say, taking the glass from him.
                “What’s your name, Princess?” He asks.
                I look up and into his deep blue eyes. Even under the mask there’s no mistaking who he is. His dark, messy styled hair, that sly smile, and hypnotizing eyes. His tall, well built frame. He is Hunter. He is the man throwing this masked ball for the release of his band’s album “Hidden.”
                I swallow a gulp of champagne. What the hell have Christian and Anthony gotten me into? I finally smile, “Just call me Cinderella.”
                He laughs, “Oh really?” He glares around us for a moment, “No Prince Charming?”
                I give my head a shake and have another sip of the rather tasty champagne, “No Prince Charming. I’m here alone, actually.”
                “What a coincidence, I’m here alone, too.” He beams, his sneaky little smile almost making me go weak in the knees.
                “What?” I say, “You don’t count your band mates?”
                He grins and gives me a little “you got me” smile. “You can tell me it’s me?”
                I laugh, “Please, anyone in the world would know Hunter, even under a little mask.”
                He laughs again and has a drink of the champagne, “You got me.”
                “I’m just that good,” I smile.
                “Well, what do you say to a dance?” He asks. “Since, you are the only one in this room to guess that it’s me.”
                I think for a moment. It’s a dance. What could one dance possibly hurt? I finally nod. He takes the champagne flute for me and places them both on a table draped in a silvery cloth and then reaches for my hand. His face meets mine, “Better go easy on me.”
                I laugh, “I think I can do that.”
                “Mind if we stick with the slow ones?” His hand immediately finds my waist and he draws my body near his and the song changes to a slow paced ballad.
                I hesitate and then finally nod. He begins to gently sway our bodies in a circular motion, “Remember, go easy on me.”
                I laugh, “What, they don’t teach you to dance in rock star boot camp?”
This makes him laugh as he gives me a gentle squeeze. He shakes his head, “I sing and play guitar. That’s the limit to my abilities.”
                “For some reason I doubt that,” I tell him.

The Shoe – Author Playlist

Trista could you please share a list of the music you listen to when you write:
When I write I listen to a huge mix. I mean…HUGE. I currently have 2,023 songs that I cycle through on my computer that just go on continuous play while I write. So, I’m going to share some of my absolute favorites!
Teenage Dirt bag by Wheatus - This one is super special to me. My best friend was killed at 17 and this song had came out not too long before and this became our theme song.
Unity by Shinedown - I love everything about this song. The lyrics speak volumes for me.
A Warrior’s Call by Volbeat - This is the ultimate song. If this doesn’t get me pumped, I don’t know what will, haha.
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry by Volbeat - While I do love the original, there is something about this one that I love. Maybe it’s that guitar… ;)
Starlight by Weezer - A song that brings back some really great memories for me and helps to inspire me.
I’m Glad You Came by We Came As Romans - Another newer cover that speaks to me.
If You Leave by OMD - I’ve loved this song for years and for years it’s brought back good memories. When good things are on my mind, the writing juices flow much better.
Why Part II by Collective Soul - Another one, that, though I have no real reason, it speaks to me.
So Far Away by Avenged Sevenfold - This one makes me think of my friend who was killed. Perfect since this was written for Rev, their drummer who passed too soon. Syn’s guitar solo moves to goose bumps and tears. This one, speaks louder than any of my words could ever. I don’t just hear this song…I feel it…and, that is the most amazing feeling ever.
Enemies by Shinedown - This one is so great for any character that I don’t like, haha!
Wait For Me by Theory Of A Deadman - My husband is deployed and this makes me think of him. I’m waiting. I think this song was written for us military families. If not, they hit the nail on the head.
I’m Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO - Because a time or two ago I weighed over 300 pounds. I’ve lost about 180 pounds (I lost a Backstreet Boy, haha!) and this song just makes me feel good. Again, when I feel good, creative juices really flow.
Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas - An all time favorite.
Don’t Stop Believing by Journey - Another al time favorite.
Take Me Home Tonight by Hinder - I wasn’t a fan of Hinder until this song. And…WOW.
Hotel California by The Eagles - Come on….do I need to put a reason here? Haha.
Heartache Tonight by The Eagles - Another top favorite. 

Title – Little Red
Series – The Believe Series – Book #1
Author – Trista Jaszczak
Genre – Romance, fairy tale retelling
Publication Date – June 18, 2013
Publisher – Front Porch Romance


Fall back in love with fairy tales with, Little Red, the first installment of “The Believe Series” by Trista Jaszczak.

Ride along with Sam Wentworth through the winding back roads of Louisiana, on a desperate escape from her past. Where she falls into the arms of the unlikely and sometimes unwilling hero, Ethan Parker. When circumstances and fate seal the two together, entangling them with his 6 older brothers, feuding families and old bayou magic can Ethan put aside everything he has ever known to keep Sam safe from the dangers their lives and their love poses. Can he keep her safe from himself?



Trista Jaszczak (pronounced jazz-ick) is an Air Force wife and mother of two who is originally from Hamilton, Ohio but calls Anchorage, Alaska her home. She's published 4 novels so far and written more than 30. She has a deep passion for writing, music, her guitar, her kids and her four-legged babies.


Amazon Author Page – http://www.amazon.com/Trista-Jaszczak/e/B004MJDHM8/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_6?qid=1373960900&sr=8-6
Website/Blog – www.tristajaszczak.wordpress.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/AuthorTristaJaszczak
Twitterhttps://twitter.com/TristaJaszczak @TristaJaszczak
Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/jazzywriter/boards/
Tumblr – http://authortristajaszczak.tumblr.com/
Goodreads – http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4530480.Trista_Jaszczak

Front Porch Romance – https://www.frontporchromance.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=24_93&zenid=m2tbl6nfihspuddo8gvqililc0

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