Sunday, 6 October 2013

Blog Tour ~ Beautiful Misery ~ Chandin Whitten

Book Description:

Life for NFL football star Gage Tucker was perfect, until his best friend walks away from him. Using alcohol and women to drown out the pain, Gage attempts to live his life. Then he runs into the one girl he knows he shouldn't use, Cobie Nayler. Cobie is the little sister of Larkin, the one who took his best friend away from him.

After one hot night, Cobie and Gage go their separate ways only to be forced back together after Cobie finds out she's pregnant, and Gage is the dad.

But in the matter of mere seconds, everything changes, and Gage is forced to step up and take control of his life or lose everything.

About The Author:

Chandin Whitten is a married mom of two beautiful little girls. During the day she is super mama living her dream on the beach in Florida. By night she is the writing warrior.
She has always loved writing and reading, but after graduating high school she took a hiatus from reading to raise her daughters. After reading FsoG in the spring of 2012, Chandin started thinking seriously of writing her own book. She started the beginning of 2013 and had her first novel, Beautiful Goodbye finished by Valentine's Day.
Writing is a therapeutic escape for her. She uses a lot of real life experiences to build her stories and pull out a range of emotions in her readers.

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There was a hand being slammed down on the bar by my foot. “One hundred fuckin’ dollars and I want her.” Gage yelled, pointing up at me.
“What’ll it be, sir?” The makeshift bartender asked.
Gage looked me in eye and winked. “Tequila. Make it a double.”
Lydia yanked on my arm. “Lay down for that sexy paying customer. He just paid a hundred fucking dollars to lick alcohol off of you when we all know he could do that for free.”
Glaring at her, I said, “I have to pee.”
“Bullshit. Lie down and let him run his mouth over you.”
I could do this. I could play his little games just as good as he could. Taking a calming breath I sat so my legs were hanging over the edge of the bar, spread just enough for Gage to stand between them. Hooking my finger so he would come closer I pulled my bottom lip into my mouth. I knew exactly what that did to him. I heard him growl as I whispered, “You know what I like. You know how to use that tongue of yours. Make me earn that money, baby.”
I leaned back. His eyes were so dark they looked black. Sexy. His eyes were half lidded. He was turned on.
Gage pushed my shoulders back until I was flat on the bar. He lifted my shirt and watched as the bar tender sprinkled salt up my stomach. He looked at Gage, asking, “Mouth or breasts?”
Flicking his eyes to me, Gage answered, “Mouth.”
The bartender nodded and placed the lime in my mouth. He took the bottle of tequila and poured it into my belly button. I tried to keep from squirming. I failed. The way Gage was looking at me had me involuntarily rubbing my thighs together. Thus causing some of the alcohol to spill over and run down my sides.
“She’s all yours, sir.” The bartender said, stepping away.
Gage slowly ran his tongue across his top teeth. He bent over top of me. The moment his tongue hit my stomach I had to grip onto the bar to stop myself from running my hands through his hair. He circled my navel slowly, keeping his eyes locked on mine. I couldn’t watch him any longer. I pinched my eyes shut. He nipped just below my navel before sucking the alcohol up. Then his mouth was on mine. Not long enough. When his lips brushed mine he pulled back, the lime wedge in his mouth. What I wouldn’t give to be that lime.
What started out as me trying to turn him on ended up with my turned on, covered in alcohol, and him smirking before he walked away. Fucker!

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