Saturday, 5 October 2013

Author Spotlight ~ Emma Chase

·         Biography

I live in rural New Jersey with my husband and two children. I spend many hours each day (and night) bringing my characters and their endless antics to life. I have a long standing love/hate relationship with caffeine.  I adore reading - before my children were born I could consume a whole book in a single day. I’ve always loved writing and publishing the Tangled Series has been nothing less than a dream come true.
    Five facts about me you don’t know

1)      Tangled was released on my birthday.
2)      I’m a nail biter – it’s a terrible habit I’m forever trying to break.
3)      Technology is a challenge for me, but with the help of patient online friends, I’m getting better at it.
4)      I’m an animal lover – two dogs, three turtles, two hamsters, two hermit crabs, three fish…and counting.
5)      I read magazines backwards. It’s an unconscious, quirky thing that just feels right.

·         Interests and hobbies

Spending time with my children is my most enjoyable interest and hobby. I enjoy reading, jogging, cooking and gardening.

·         Books

Tangled (reissue January 2014)
Holy Frigging Matrimony (short story) (December 5, 2013)
Twisted (March 2014)
Tamed (July 2014)

If I could write with anyone it would be- (because)

If I could write with anyone, it would be Stephen King, because I think he is, simply, a genius.

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