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What Wendy Wants by Nikki Sex - Review

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I want some of What Wendy Wants! Review

There are a lot of us who use kindles to read books, especially erotic books so that no one can see the smutty title of these books.  Our little dirty secret! 

This book is about a wife who reads these kind of books and has become dissatisfied with her sexual relationship with her husband. Until the day that he takes the wrong kindle to work and he reads her smutty eroticism and starts to formulate a plan!

I bet there are a lot of us in the same situation, where we read books and dream of spicing up our relationships!  This book is a good place to start!

The two characters, Wendy and Frank, are an average couple in their late 30’s with teenage kids and find their “connection to each other” has been lost along the way.  They are both funny characters and they obviously love each other a lot and it is funny how Wendy feels when she realises that Frank has her kindle and hopes that he doesn’t read her erotic books, she is mortified!  Frank’s reaction is not one that I thought would happen, but then he is analytical in his work so I guess it was going to spill over into his personal life too!

During the book, Nikki Sex’s other books are mentioned, which I actually thought was quite clever marketing and could make you want to read some of her other books.  Her style of writing is very easy to follow and explains everything to you, just like Frank’s introduction into eroticism, Nikki guides us in gently!

It was a short read and I finished it in a couple of hours.  I quite like reading these short stories in between really heavy and emotional books, so I would be tempted to read more Nikki Sex!

I would give this book 4 stars as I really enjoyed it, however, it was very short and could leave some people feeling frustrated!

After reading this book, I found myself leaving my kindle out for my husband to find!


Tina xx

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