Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Lynn Richards Author spotlight

Lynn Richards is the writing team of two best friends. We enjoy writing (and reading) romance - from sweet and sassy to hot and spicy. We've been writing for years! but have only been published for a year. Paranormal are among our favorite themes as well as cowboys! (Haven't written a cowboy erotica, just waiting for the right idea to popup!

• Five facts about me you don’t know
We also write under our own names
We live in a southeaster state
One of us always wanted to be a actress
If we hadn't chickened out, we would have moved to California right after college

• Interests and hobbies 
Well, reading of course, writing, quilting, gardening (sometimes), spending time with friends

• Books
Those we've written or loves we love?
Loves: Mackenzie's Moutain, early Diana Palmer's, City of Ashes, etc
Those we've written:
Bought, Branded and Bound
Sex by the Numbers
Beauty and the Wolf
Bedded by the Best Man
Tempting the Texas Tycoon
Zoey's Christmas Surprise
We've written more so check us out on amazon

• If I could write with anyone it would be- (because)
Been there, done that, made the t-shirt. Who wouldn't want to write with your best friend?!

Lynn Richards
Bought, Branded and Bound by the Texas Billionaire - Top 100 Amazon Short Stories
Zoey's Christmas Surprise - Top 20 Amazon Erotica Hot New Releases
Beauty and the Wolf - Top 100 Amazon Erotica Best Seller
Delighting Daisy - Top 100 Amazon Erotica Best Seller

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