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Author Spotlight-Anthony Paolucci

Author Spotlight-Anthony Paolucci

Over a landscape of mist and battlefield soils, beset upon by the cries of ravens and ghostly howls, storyteller Anthony Paolucci wandered for centuries, spouting tales as if they were being wrung from his throat by devilish hands. In 2009, he crawled out from the graveyard depths of obscurity, haunted by visions and dreams that begged to be given life, and donned a mortal guise, whereupon he began his quest for true immortality. Tempering his madness by documenting the lives and images that plagued him, he struggled to forge a timeless name for the ages, living forever through his fictional works.

Anthony is the creator of over 30 titles, and a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators. Ranging from preschool to adult, his stories embody a wide variety of subjects and themes. He is a husband and father, his daughter Eden Rain and wife Christine having served as inspirations for many of his ideas. They live in Milford, Connecticut with their two Siamese cats, Sabbath & Solstice.

5 Facts:
I used to terrorize the neighborhood bully by sneaking into his yard at night on the weekend, and spelling out threatening messages with his firewood. 
I was once a high priest in a witch's coven.
I'm terrified of ringing telephones, especially at night (never admitted this to anyone until now).
My first concert was Andy Gibb. I was 4 years old.
I married my wife of 19 years after knowing her for less than a month.

Blues music( I play the harmonica)
Drums (Been playing for over 25 years)
Reading and collecting books

I mainly write Young Adult books,  mostly darker, edgier stories, with a supernatural flair. I started out writing children's picture books (I'll have 23 once the current ones are finished), and I've written one fantasy novel, which took me 13 years to complete (A true labor of love). I'm very influenced by my favorite writers: Neil Gaiman, Roald Dahl, Edgar Allen Poe, and the Victorian horror genre.

Further plans:
I intend to keep writing and publishing until I'm completely burned out, which I don't foresee happening anytime soon. I get the opposite of writer's block and can never seem to shut my brain off.

Who I would like to write with:
I've never collaborated with another writer and can't say I'm entirely comfortable with the idea--too much of a control freak when it comes to my own ideas. However, the one person I would make an exception for, even though any contribution I made would be laughable in comparison, would be the master, Neil Gaiman. I met him once and made a complete fool of myself, so I wouldn't mind the opportunity to make up for it.

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