Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Friends Zone Review

Friends Zone Review


Amazing. Tina works across from Nik and has done for two years. She admires him  from afar till one day she decided to take a risk. A risk that changes her life
forever. After telling Nik she would be his friend they start to hand out.

Tina and three friends meet Nik and three of his brothers at the white
rabbit as planned and there friendship grows from there.
After months of  falling in love but battling feelings things take a turn when Sissy shows up.

Just who is this Sissy and what does she want?

When Omar causes trouble it  pushes Tina and Nik apart but also closer together.

Friend zoned is a story  that starts as friendship but blossoms into something more. Of course nothing is  straight forward and Tina and Nik soon find that out.
It's emotional and  funny. You connect to the characters very easily and it's like your part of the  story.

Blush rating 2                             star rating 5

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