Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A Seth & Amber Erotic Tale #1-

A Seth & Amber Erotic Tale #1

From the Amazon Top 10 best-selling author comes a tale of passion and love.
Amber Noonan loves her husband Seth more than she could have ever imagined. Seth is everything that Amber (or any woman) would want or need in a husband: honest, strong, romantic, loyal, hard-working and madly in love with her.

When his thirtieth birthday arrives what can she give the man that has given her so much? She gives him "The Book Of Twenty Four" - a unique gift that will change their relationship and their lives forever.

Over the course of one weekend sexual boundaries will be explored, sexual limits will be broken, taboos will be crushed and their love will enter new, unknown territories.

Set in the beautiful and rugged landscapes of Cornwall come and stay with them for the weekend and share in the "Book Of Twenty Four".
PLEASE NOTE: this tale features "water sports/play", if that may offend this may not be the best story for you!


I love erotica books, so was very eager to read the Seth and Amber tales. Its one of those books I couldn’t put down.

I really enjoyed the start of the book, finding out about the characters, their personalities shine through well. I love the cheque part, very sweet and cute of them to do it, what girl wouldn’t like this.
The urine part, I didn’t really enjoy, but I know it was wrote in as an “if you do it I’ll give money to charity” bit. SO I truly understand it.

I enjoy the steamy scenes, loved the characters. I personally can’t wait to read more Seth and Amber stories.


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