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Danielle Taylor Author Spotlight


"The human mind is a brilliant thing. Each person is capable of so much more than they give themselves credit for. I am only one mind amongst billions, though I still wish for my voice to be heard." ~ Danielle Taylor

When it comes to talking about myself, I’m impossibly shy. Besides, you’re not here to read about me, but be entertained!


Five facts about me:

1. I'd rather promote other authors, artists, bands, etc, than talk about myself.
I would love to visit South Africa someday - I'm completely smitten with everything Saffa, thanks to my husband.
3. When I'm not writing, I'm thinking about writing. Even when asleep, I dream of writing lol!
4. I also write Young Adult novels under the pen name Ellie Carstens.
5. My YA novel Flux has been signed by a publisher and is currently in the editing stages!

Hobbies: I love reading, and writing. Travelling, and exploring new places and cultures is always fun, as is trying new foods. My waistline doesn't always thank me though...

My books:

Captive at Christmas is out and available on Amazon worldwide. Here's the US link: Captive Christmas

It doesn't need to be Christmas to read this steamy novella...

When her life seems to be falling to pieces, Hannah Magnus decides to spend Christmas away from her Vancouver home. She crosses the border into Washington State and locates the idyllic cabin that will serve as her home for the next two weeks.

Mackenzie Dunlop is a man of action and reaction. A creation of his past and his profession. When he travels to the cabin he'll be in until the repairs on his house are complete, there's a surprise waiting...and Mac loathes surprises.

Thrown together in the least likely of circumstances, Mac and Hannah find solace in each other after a harrowing event. But once they leave, will they be able to get on with their lives apart?

Captive at Christmas contains material and actions suited for those aged 18+
Complete novella at approximately 41,000 words



Coming out next is Intimate Strangers:

With evil lurking on every corner, can two veritable strangers survive on love alone?

Chelsea Reid shares one sinful night with a delicious stranger and she winds up pregnant. Disowned by her parents and forced to leave university, she accepts an offer from her boss, Hannah Magnus-Dunlop, to stay with her and her family.

Christiaan ‘Tiaan’ Carstens had everything going for him. In the blink of an eye, he lost it all, including most of his mind, tortured in an American run facility, tortured because he didn’t die when a rogue politician wanted him to
. His former colleague Mackenzie Dunlop extended an open invitation to come back and visit him in Vancouver. The very last thing Tiaan expects to see up north is sweet Chelsea - and his infant son.

The memories of that one magical night they spent together acting as the glue that holds him together, Tiaan attempts to string the rest of the pieces of his life into some form of semblance, while trying to figure out if Chelsea even wants him in her life.



And my Serial Novella, Falling for You is about three quarters of the way finished. You can download it for free from Goodreads or read it on my blog:

Goodreads download link: Goodreads

Blog link: Blog

Julia Beals can’t remember a day in her life when she didn’t have to work. So the ad in the paper sounded perfect to her – even if she did have to marry a complete stranger.

Nicholas Steele isn’t used to being around people since the accident that disfigured him. Having a permanent house guest isn’t his idea of fun, however, the press would have a field day if they found he and his new wife weren’t residing together.

On paper, their ‘fake’ marriage fits both their needs. In reality, every moment Nicholas and Julia spend together brings them closer to falling for each other.

Further plans: I've got plenty on the go right now. Letting Go is an adventure romance which I am working on, and I've just started a New Adult romance called Cornered. In 2014 my YA novel will be released, so look out for that as well! I plan on writing until I can't write anymore :)

Who would you like to write with: I would have loved to write with Henrik Ibsen or Isaac Asimov, but alas, neither are still living.

Here are some links, should you need them! And thanks for letting me take part in this author spotlight. If you'd like me to re-post anyone's spotlight on my blog, just e-mail me the link! I'd love to help if I can!


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