Monday, 4 March 2013

Author Sylvester Nnoli- spotlight

Author Sylvester Nnoli, a Nigerian prolific writer was born on the first day of January 1981 in Jos, Plateau State Nigeria. He published Immoral Courage, and has other books unpublished, like Dont blame the mirror, Minutes like hours, sexual healing, burning in the dark e.t.c
A prose stylist, a poet and the founder of "Pen world view", he believes that he was born into the society when social menace had taken the center stage due to cultural negligence. This state of affairs gave rise to all sorts of delinquencies ranging from robbery attacks, rape scandals, drug abuse, hostage taking e.t.c. A society where people go wild to satisfy themselves despite the fact that their behaviour impact negatively on others. These social vices bring about a lot of dislocations in the polity, harming the perpetrators and the society at large, in the process. Like they say, when Elephants fight, the grass suffers the most. The grass in this context being the society.

Observing these social vices closely, Author Sylvester Nnoli came to realise that they are being perpetuated by the youths who are the future leaders. Thus he felt the need for a re-orientation, enlightenment and the sensitization of the youths on the negative impacts of these vices, and these led to the publication of Immoral Courage. This is a time for a rethink...

The desire to reach the entire globe through writing is like a burning flame on Author Sylvester as he hopes to write with successful authors from the various parts of the globe like JK Rowling, Sharon Olds, Adam Johnson, Ayad Akhtar, David Abott, Jim Powell, Stephen Kelma,  Robert Gibbons and a whole lots of them.

Interest and hobby: loves reading, writing, swimming and travelling.

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