Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Crystal Spears Interview

We are so exited to have the opportunity to interview the lovely Crystal Spears.
Thank you for joining us

No, thank you for having me.

What inspired you to first start writing?

I've been writing since I could literally write; my English teacher used to snap at me. You see, I have this problem where I can write a story, but I am horrible with comma's etc. She used to say "Crystal your story is here, but your grammatical needs work!" I must have over a hundred short stories or novella's on my hard-drive or in notebooks. It wasn't until last year I wanted to take it further. Mainly the stories stuck in my head inspired me to get on the ball and roll with it. So— now I have a team of editors. So to my English teacher "See I'm doing it, even if I can't place a comma!"

What's your favorite part of a book?

Of any book? I really love it when I can be crying one moment and laughing the very next. But—my favorite part of a book 'because I read a lot of romance' would have to be when you hear the soft lovely music playing and the couple finally gets together— after a ton of angsty moments. I just want to scream it's about tootin' time!

When naming your characters, do you give any thought to the actual meaning?

I'm strange when it comes to character names. I pick my characters names first then I build all their personalities, traits etc around them. And every single one of my characters are named after someone I know personally or after a dream that those names have featured in 

Would you ever write a book of a different genre?

I write erotica as many know; The Strictly Series is picking up — Talania - A trip down memory lane... is my first Contemporary romance novel — Fidelity is a NA Dystopian Romance Novel. And next year I will be writing YA under a Pen Name. So yes I will definitely be writing in other genres.

Sounds interesting. What advice would you give inspiring writers?

Don't take no for an answer. I've been writing since my teen years. You have a story in your head and you're not sure about it after you type it out — stick with it! There are people to help you with that. Editors, Brainstormers, Beta Readers etc. Don't give up no matter what if it's really your dream — then let nothing stand in your way!
Do you have any further books planned?

Oh my what a list this is.
-Strictly Stripped
-Talania - A trip down memory lane...
-Strictly Off
-Strictly Determined
-My Plastered Smile
-Strictly Settled
-My Lovely Smile

And a project with Jodi Murphy - I will be co - writing her story. Her battle with Wilson's Disease; All profits and proceeds will go to The Wilson's Disease Foundation. We will start that at the end of Fall 2013.
I have three more stories lined up. I know it looks like a lot, but I have been writing along time. All of these, but The Strictly Series are mostly written and mostly with editors.

You are a very busy lady.What would five works would you use to describe you new book?
Passionate, sad, romantic, lost and new

Who is your favorite character from your books and why?
Evelyn from Talania - she is a cancer survivor - she has gone through hell - she pushes through life even though she can't remember most of her teenage life. She's one strong young woman.
If you could work with any fellow author who would it be and why?
Emily Snow because she's utterly brilliant.

We Love Emily snow to, can see why you would want to work with her.

Top five authors/books
Natalie Ward - I Love You to Death
Colleen Hoover - Hopeless
Emily Snow - Devoured
JB McGee - Conspiring
Kendall Ryan - Hard To Love

Thank you so much for taking part.

Again, thank you for having me

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