Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Book Review ~ Driving the Demon

"Three things happened on the same day: my grandfather died, my parents split up, and I got suspended from school for five days for being a terrorist."

Caid Thomas has it pretty rough. ADD medication that doesn't help him focus, a failing grade in chemistry, and now, an exploding locker, a dead grandfather, and a mom who's been cheating for some time. When his grandfather's parting gift is a beat-up Dodge Demon and a weathered copy of Cather in the Rye, Caid realizes a road trip out West was meant to be.

Along the way, though, Caid meets some kids with actual problems. Divorced parents is nothing compared to trying to escape a meth dealer in the projects of Detroit or defending yourself against the man who's been molesting you for most of your life.

As the trip stops being a nightmare and starts to become a mission, Caid learns a lot about who he thought he was, but more importantly, who he knows he needs to be.


*this book was given to me in exchange of an honest review*
The book was great. I didn’t quite read like this for a while.
Driving the demon is a very inspirational book.
I appreciate the author for doing such a good work on the book.
it practically shows that there is a whole new world out.
I must say it has a potential to change to your point of view cause it changed mine about problems in my life.
The character ‘Kincaid’ is very amazing boy who is almost like every other person but his views are definitely going to change your mind…
There are 2 more characters that help Kincaid in an indirect way to make him see his life from a different point of view.
It is a great read and very good for children and teens.
I would give this book 3 .5 stars ….!!
I hope you enjoy it …:D

About the Author

Lorca is a teacher in a juvenile correctional facility, which is a tremendous influence on her writing. She writes the books that her students wish they could read.

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