Wednesday, 17 April 2013

JL Mac Fan chat

Pre chat  

J.L. Mac- I'm early to the party but I am so excited to chat with everyone!

Mandysalt:- Me to xx

Hooked on books-Admin -So exiting

Katie Mac -ey y'all! You about ready to get this party started?

Hooked on books-Admin - Can't wait.......Who has the music? who has the Wine?

Katie Mac - Think that's Damon's job!

Hooked on books-Admin -I agree. He best remember the stuff

Melanie: Hi all!!!

Katie Mac -Hi Melanie! Great to see you here!

Melanie: I'm excited to be here!

J.L. Mac -hey hey ladies!

Katie Mac: Hey! Good to have you here!

Paralover: Hello guys/ Hi J.L.

J.L. Mac -So happy to see you all here. I don't know who is more excited. Me or you all.

Hooked on books-Admin-5 minutes to go

Ena May -I am here, and at work! So forgive me if I am quiet, damn work and taxes

Paralover: lol

Melanie: I changed my color because there are lots of purples on here. Aqua it is!!!

EBreson -Pink for me, of course

Paralover: me too

Katie Mac: LOL!!! Y'all change. I'm staying purple!

J.L. Mac -haha Mel I changed to green since purple is a fave.

Chat time

Hooked on books-Admin Welcome everyone. Have a great time.Thank you to J.L Mac for joining us. Chat away

Heidi Please tell me when restored me comes out?

Paralover: yess please tell!

J.L. Mac I should sick everyone on my agent! She has us stalling on the release because publishers are currently looking at the series. 8 publishers.

Paralover: grrr

Katie Mac: holy cow

J.L. Mac Trust me I would love to release it tomorrow if I could but I can't :/

Katie Mac: that's awesome for you Jaimi

Katie Mac: Agent...publisher...USA Today Bestselling author!

Katie Mac: WOW!

J.L. Mac I am very flattered and excited that she has 8 publishers considering my work but it does put a wrench in my indie plans. I wanted to publish back to back with only one month between releases but I might have to give up that plan.

Paralover: To me you're so young to have books out...Been thinking of writing just not sure how to start?

Paralover: p.s. 6 or 7 years older them me lol

J.L. Mac But depressing talk aside. Who has questions for me? I have the whole crew with me so fire away.

Ena May I am very sad about Restore Me getting pushed back but hopefully you will know a release date soon ????

Mandysalt: Hi everyone

Katie Mac: so you know that Damon makes me swoon

Katie Mac: Is he based on someone you know?

J.L. Mac Hi Mandy! Yes I am hoping to know more soon. I've just heard from my agent earlier and she is fantastic so I know she is working fast for us.

Katie Mac: I guess cougar moment would be more accurate!

  Paralover: How did you go about writing? And what inspired you?

J.L. Mac Damon really isnt based on a real life person per se. I wish he was  but he is one of a kind all on his own.

Mandysalt: What made you write wreck me and is Jo and Damon based on anyone x

Katie Mac: sigh

Mandysalt: Not only have you written wreck me but also seven years of bad luck when is the follow on to that coming out x

J.L. Mac Honestly what inspired this series was holiday traffic. Some jerk cut me off and made this big piled up mess of cars and I cussed him a bit, flipped him off and he was somewhat attractive. I thought to myself wouldnt it be shitty if I met him not realizing who he was and somehow liked him. Loved him. On the ten minute drive back to my place I dreamed up Jo and Damon.

Mandysalt: Very good love it x

Paralover: lol that is awesome

Katie Mac: I seem to remember the term "penis wrinkle"

Melanie: How long did it take you write Wreck Me?

J.L. Mac Jo isnt based on anyone in particular either. The only one with a real live muse is Grams. My great grandmother at circus peanut candy like crazy and was hysterical to chat with. I channeled her while writing Grams character.

linres I am sad that happened but in turn very GLAD it did! Because it inspired an amazing book and two AMAZING "people"!

J.L. Mac Yes penis wrinkle is one of my favorite things to call people who irritate me. lol

Paralover: I wanna know when Jo gets to to take charge a bit with the "Big man"? lol

TaraIs there going to be a second book to seven years ?

J.L. Mac I wrote Wreck Me in less than a week. It was short handed into a spiral note book in three days. Restore Me has been the same.

Paralover: it seems he calls the shot (Hot) but a girls gotta have some fun

Mandysalt: I will have to start using penis wrinkle

mamaof2 LOVE Gram! I can imagine the fun you had with your own Gram! So looking forward to Restore me. Do we know how far it has been pushed back

Melanie: holy moly! one week?! WOW!

J.L. Mac There is a second book to Seven Years and I hope to get that wrapped up in the next few months.

J.L. Mac as for Jo taking charge? She does in a huge way in Restore Me.

mamaof2 One week! That's impressive!

Paralover: YES! I love girl power lol

Melanie: how do you juggle writing, household duties, family, etc? do you have any secrets/tips to help others?

Mandysalt: Did you ever thing you would have two best selling books to your name xx

J.L. Mac Thank you. As of right now I don't have any guess as to when Restore Me will get the green light to publish. I'm hoping it's sooner rather than later.

mamaof2 I will be stalking Barnes and Noble! LOL Can't wait!

J.L. Mac Never!! Never thought I would be a best seller. I had goals of course but you never really expect anything. You just hope others might like what you've written. I am still shocked at the response my work has gotten. It's beyond humbling.

Katie Mac: Melanie in Turquoise had a great question that I would love to know the answer to too.

Mandysalt: Are you enjoying co writing with JB x

Katie Mac: For those of you coming in, click the join chat at the bottom of the screen!

Paralover: Do you think you'll ever try "fantasy"/Paranormal books?

J.L. Mac @Melanie, I honestly have no clue how I do it. I don't sleep much so that helps. I have two small kids, my husband is Army overseas right now so I depend on my parents and older brothers a lot. They pitch in the play with the kids and keep them taken care of when I have to work. I just run around and do things as I can. I have been trying to make some sort of schedule though.

J.L. Mac I wrote Seven years and it is romantic suspense. The Deeper Series with JB has been AMAZONG so far. We are both really loving dabbling in romantic paranormal/suspense/thri​ller/mystery/bds&m/eroti​ca. Deeper seriously hits all genres and JB's ease with writing suspense is inspiring. I told her straight away she has found her natural writing nitch. She's brill with thriller/suspense

Katie Mac: That is something I can't wait to get my hands on! Deeper is going to be awesome!

Hooked on books-Admin: Can't wait for Restore me and Deeper

Katie Mac: That is something I can't wait to get my hands on! Deeper is going to be awesome!

Hooked on books-Admin: Can't wait for Restore me and Deeper

Hooked on books-Admin: ***Were is the Wine Damon??***

Paralover: I really love any book type but am a fan of Para with a bit of romance also thriller really takes you in the story

J.L. Mac Anyone have a question directly for Jo, Damon, Grams, Barbie girl, Brian the gay assistant, Edward the asshole?

Bobbie: Yay I got in!

J.L. Mac welcome Bobbie!

J.L. Mac I am a closet para fan too

Paralover: Jo, do you want kids?

Bobbie: thank you Ive been trying for 20 min, What'd I miss?

EBreson: Do you write chronologically or sort of piece all of the random pieces together when you're finished?

JB McGee: Woot - better late than never, right!

J.L. Mac Um, me? err... I guess if I werent so fucked up I might imagine popping out a couple midgets. I guess I like kids just fine. I've just never imagined me with any. I'm a normal woman though. My uterus tugs a little when I see a slobbery baby on someones shoulder. We'll see I guess.

Mandysalt: Are we going to see more of Edward in restore me x

Hooked on books-Admin: Woop woop B made it

Bobbie: When Will Restore me be available?

Mandysalt: Yeah JB is in the house

J.L. Mac Yay! JB has entered the room yall! If you have questions for her feel free

JB McGee: did you answer the question about writing in chronological order?

J.L. Mac When I write I usually write it in fragments and then kind of quilt it together. I short hand all my stories in spiral notebooks.

Katie Mac: taskmaster! Love it!

Paralover: Trust me I'm all kinds of Fucked up and yet I still want kinds lol

Paralover: kids ughh typing!

J.L. Mac Edward is huge in Restore Me. We get to take a look into Damons past in RM. With the help of Jo we find out that sometimes shit is better left dead and buried.

Bobbie: i cant wait .....

JB McGee: haha - if you leave it dead and buried you can't dig deep to unearth it.

J.L. Mac write that down jb, lol
JB McGee: ok

Hooked on books-Admin: Could that be a line in dig deep??

JB McGee: and folks this is how our private conversations go...when we're not acting like teenagers.

Paralover: Damon, How bout you? do you see kids with Jo?

Hooked on books-Admin: You two always act like teenagers

tjasha you two are amazing..

J.L. Mac I guess if things don't get too screwed up I'll be knocking her up in no time. She doesnt know that though.

J.L. Mac you all have no idea. We chat/skype/talk on the phone and we are worse than 17yr olds

JB McGee: Jaimi and tjasha - join the chat at the bottom right of the page

Paralover: Sneaky  boy or Girl?

Bobbie: LOL

J.L. Mac: oh fancy

JB McGee: ​ ​:P

Paralover: And or twins....ya never know lol

J.L. Mac: Damon: both if I can manage it.

J.L. Mac: Anyone else have any questions for any of the crew

Paralover: Jo & Damon. Song that makes you think of the other?

Hooked on books-Admin: Question from someone who can't make it tonight. -If you could write with anyone else who would it be and why? (not including JB)

JB McGee: haha

Bobbie: great questions

Bobbie: ❀

Paralover: Side note: Barbie Girl I will smack the shit out of you if you mess with Damon. just sayin

Mandysalt: Love that question para lover x

J.L. Mac: Damon&Jo: If I had to pick the perfect song to sum it up I'd say... New For You by Reeve Carney

Hooked on books-Admin:  No fighting ladies

Alison I have just got in  This may have already been asked, so not a problem if you don't reply but I wondered how/why and what got you writing?

J.L. Mac: As far as writing with anyone else... hmmm...

J.L. Mac: thats tough

J.L. Mac: JB and I write so easily together. I find it difficult imagining it being like that with another author.

JB McGee: I would love to see J.L. Mac and Tiffany Snow team

Mandysalt: Well said x

JB McGee: a

tjasha: what would probably be amazing..

Hooked on books-Admin: I think that would be an amazing book. Good person to work with B

Alison: Thanks jb  I have never used this customer before!

Paralover: Thank you Mandy  Also love that song.

Hooked on books-Admin: Question from someone who can't make it tonight. -What is your favorite part of wreck me? Why?

Alison: Chat lol

JB McGee: Yeah - I know that together JL and Tiffany could bring a sexy book that would keep you on the tops of

your tippy toes. <3

JB McGee: np, alison

Alison: Darn auto correct! Apologises!

Mandysalt: I must said you two are my fav author. You both are great

tjasha: totally agree JB

JB McGee: i hear there is wine here and i should ask for some

JB McGee: thank you, mandy

Paralover: Damon, what do you like to do? sports etc....

J.L. Mac: Favorite part of WM would have to be... when Jo reads the letter. You see really genuine and raw emotion there. It's not her usual jaded or tainted outlook on life. She felt terror, regret and guilt in raw form.

J.L. Mac: Damon: I work. And fuck. Thats about it.

Bobbie: When Will Restore me be available?

Hooked on books-Admin: Question from someone who can't make it tonight. -What inspired you to write seven years of bad luck?

J.L. Mac: Restore Me is going through the dreaded stall right now. Publishers have their hands on my manuscript and are reading/considering the series. I had to allow them time to read and consider the series. Sucks. I hate putting a hold on publishing it.

Mandysalt: I love Damon and Jo can I have some wine please

Bobbie: any time frame?

J.L. Mac: Seven Yeas of Bad Luck has many parallels to my own life. I wrote it after my best friend encouraged me to do it.

Alison: Tell the publishers their killing me...... Lol and they don't want me screaming and crying

Bobbie: was on my birthday to do list ......
J.L. Mac: I'm hoping it will be soon

J.L. Mac: I know Bobbie. :/

Mandysalt: Love the bit of restore me you put on Facebook tonight it made me cry

Paralover: Jo, Why not use your full name?

Hooked on books-Admin: Question from someone who can't make it tonight. -Can you tell me four things about you that we wouldnt know

J.L. Mac: I'm left handed

EBreson: Woo! Bunch of lefties in here

Hooked on books-Admin: Mandy that was fan fiction

Mandysalt: Loved any way lol

Paralover: lol not me

J.L. Mac: umm I love to garden. This past spring and summer I grew all my own veggies and herbs 20:43

JB McGee: How did I not know you're a leftie? Me, too!!

J.L. Mac: um... I have written poetry for years. Thats my first true love.

Bobbie: is wreck available in paperback?

dirtbikemom: Hello j.L Mac I am now a HUGE fan I just finnished Wreck me Last night and boy did it Wreck ME!!

JB McGee: haha - she's waiting on her slack graphic designer to make her jacket for the paperback.

Bobbie: how do i get a signed copy?

J.L. Mac: Wreck Me will be availabel in paperback really soon. I have been working on that. I will announce it once it's ready

J.L. Mac: lmao JB

J.L. Mac: Just ask for it

dirtbikemom I cannot believe the way we were left hanging I have Post Partum depression now lol

J.L. Mac: I'm sure I can sign paperbacks

Paralover: Oh, how is Hemi Jo?

Mandysalt: Has your mom and mom in law read wreck me and if so what did there think of it

Erin Ooh, I'll take a signed paperback

Katie Mac: Same cover as the ebook? Cause that sucker is HAWT!!!

Bobbie:  considered being asked!

Bobbie: please

J.L. Mac: i know! It was bad. I hated doing that but the story just wouldnt change for me. I tried leaving with resolution but the damn thing wouldnt budge.

J.L. Mac: Absolutely Bobbie

Mandysalt: Could I have one too

J.L. Mac: Erin Roth?

Alison: As much as I hate the hanging I also love it lol

Paralover: me to please lol

Hooked on books-Admin: Question from someone who can't make it tonight. -Who is your favourite author and is you writing style similar to theirs?

dirtbikemom: haha you know what I love a good cliff hanger

Erin Howdy. Trying to read on my phone while emptying the dishwasher.

J.L. Mac: i think we all love to hate a cliffy lol

Bobbie: Hooked on books-Admin: great question!

JB McGee: Erin - you can join the chat on the bottom right

Erin: Ahh! Hi!

JB McGee: hiya

Katie Mac: Jaimi, besides pushing Restore Me back, what is the biggest change you've noticed since signing with an agent?

J.L. Mac: fave author. hmmm CJ Roberts is my modern day favorite. But I am the typical Jane Austin, Bronte sisters, Ernest Hemingway fan

J.L. Mac: hence Hemingway/Hemi

dirtbikemom exactly I loved Jo she is alot like on eof my friends and her and Damon have great chemistry I fell in love with both of them

J.L. Mac: he's my real dog

Paralover: awww

J.L. Mac: nice erin!!

dirtbikemom: is JB here??

Bobbie: love CJ

J.L. Mac: CJ is a brill author.

Bobbie: were you in Boston?

Alison: I recently read some of CJ Roberts books and wow

JB McGee: Hola

dirtbikemom: LOVED your Books as well! Ive been dying for the next one and ive been telling my girlfriends to get them too

J.L. Mac: I wasnt in Boston. I wish I was lol

JB McGee: Awe - thank you so much!  Working on that next book. I've been down for about 6 weeks so I'm super behind.

J.L. Mac: :/

Bobbie: my bff finished today

Alison: What was it that inspired you to write John Lewis Mac?

dirtbikemom: Well you are only human even though we are chompin at the bit! lol

Alison: Auto correct is driving me nuts

Hooked on books-Admin: Question from someone who can't make it tonight. -When naming your characters, do you give any thought to the actual meaning?

Mandysalt: Good question

Bobbie: i just told her today Restore me is held up now i can tell her why

Paralover: very good

JB McGee: haha - I have loved and appreciated how understanding everyone has been. It means so much to me. I can assure you that as anxious as you are to get it, I'm more anxious to give it to you.

dirtbikemomSo Restore me is not March 27th like it states on goodreads??

J.L. Mac: Absolutely. I check the meanings. I play with names for hours. Days even. JB and I both take FOREVER to choose names.

J.L. Mac: no it's been delayed :/

Bobbie: I made CJ's swag for Boston LOL she loved it

Alison: Gonna keep quit before my auto correct tells someone to *bleep bleep* will just read....

J.L. Mac: Ditto what JB said above.

Paralover: I'm obsessed with names so fun picking them

Hooked on books-Admin: Question from someone who can't make it tonight. -Did you always want to write?

JB McGee: Planning The Deeper Series has taken a long time. I almost wonder if we'll write it faster than it took us to plan it.

Mandysalt: How many books are to the deeper series x

J.L. Mac: Yes. I have said it before. From the time that I was little I have been in love with the written word. I was 6 when I just went nuts for reading and writing. It's been so natural to me. I know it's what I was meant to do.

Erin: Trying to move to computer. Tell me what you can about the Deeper series. Characters?

J.L. Mac: Three right JB?

JB McGee: 3

JB McGee: And how much are we willing to divulge here.

Paralover: Deeper is not out right?

J.L. Mac: Deep is going to be a real treat for readers

Mandysalt: Great thank can't wait to read them

Paralover: tease lol

Hooked on books-Admin: Don't forget we <3 you you can share things with us

JB McGee: haha - I love it.

JB McGee: The Deeper Series is not out yet. We are aiming for May 31.

JB McGee: for the first book.

Mandysalt: We all love you two

Alison: Love treats

Bobbie: i didnt know about deeper ill have to check them out

Paralover: nice! add to kindle list lol

Erin: How to you co-author a book? I've always wanted to know this

Cashgephart Looking forward to deep and seriously looking forward to restore me. I got my mil and cousins to read it. I received some strongly worded texts about the cliffhanger. They apparently require instant gratification.

Dirtbikemom: thank you both for letting me get lost in your stories. Im a mom with two small boys so I can use some excitment

JB McGee: cashgephart - join the chat at the bottom right

J.L. Mac: As far as what Deeper has going for it I would say that you all will be ike kids in a candy shop. I mean it really is a one stop shop for all readers. If you like para it's got a touch of that. If you like BDS&M it has that. If you like thriller, suspense, mystery, sleuth, romance... it has it all

Cashgephart: Ok hi

Bobbie: nice.......

JB McGee: Awe -  So nice. I am glad you can get lost in them. It's still surreal to me that people like my books. As for co-authoring - we're learning as we go. First we started with phone stuff. Realized we couldn't keep up. We both try to write stuff down. Then we did Google Talk. Now we have a top secret group that we brainstorm in.

Paralover: damn I need that book!!

J.L. Mac: Instant gratification is over rated right? lol

Mandysalt: After I read Wreck me it left me lost and I needed more so I read it 3 times lmao x

Bobbie: twice LOL

J.L. Mac: aww poor mandy! lol

Cashgephart: I dunno. Looking kinda good right now. Feeling some Damon withdrawals

Erin: three more times?! That's intense! I hope it was the new, shiny version

JB McGee: Haha Erin!

Paralover: I just finished it last night so grate

J.L. Mac: lol yeah my editor was amazing with fixing the disaster that was the WM manuscript.

J.L. Mac: thank you!

Erin: haha! Anytime.

Alison: Deeper sounds perfect, I can't wait

Erin: I'm anxiously awaiting RM as well.

Mandysalt: You two have made my night letting us all ask some many question

Hooked on books-Admin: Hooked on books-Admin: Question from someone who can't make it tonight. -What is your karaoke song?

Paralover: Damon: Do you buy Jo all her underwear and clothes?

Angela: When can we expect Restore Me to be out, you left us with such a big cliffhanger I need to know what happens with Damon. My heart broke for Jo.

J.L. Mac: oh damn! I do NOT sing karaoke lol I watch my friends and husband go nuts but I keep my lips sealed. If I had to sing a song it would be something obnoxious like 'I like big butts'

J.L. Mac: yes I know the lyrics.

Cashgephart: Damon: I love you.

Alison: My kind of karaoke song lol

Paralover: I know the lyrics too so sad lol

Bobbie: LOL

Cashgephart:  xoxo

J.L. Mac: lol Damon smiled his crooked smile

Hooked on books-Admin: J.L Mac- your gonna have to record yourself singing that on a video. We must see

Mandysalt: Lmao

Paralover: oh how we love that smile

Bobbie: Are you doing any signing events in the near future and if so where?

Cashgephart: J.L. Where did you get the inspiration for such a heart wrenching tale? I'm always so curious about the authors "process"

J.L. Mac: I'll dance to it on a video and youtube it. lol

Mandysalt: Will you both be coming to the uk any time soon x

J.L. Mac: if I make NYTimes hahahaha

J.L. Mac: Yep! UK trip is coming

Paralover: lol deal!

Hooked on books-Admin: Ill hold you to that J.L

Mandysalt: When

Hooked on books-Admin: Can't wait for you to hit UK

Bobbie: chicago?

dirtbikemom: please come to SOuthern CA girls!!

Hooked on books-Admin: Don’t forget your partner in crime (JB) when you come to the UK

Alison: Looking forward to the UK visit...

Paralover: Come to upstate ny

Mandysalt: Yes you both have to come x

J.L. Mac: we both have some signings coming in the future. One is the New Adult Sleep over Weekend in ... where is that one JB?

JB McGee: haha - you hear that NYT and we get to watch her sing and shake her booty - lol

J.L. Mac: then another Indie Girl Con. One is in Savannah GA the other is in Charlotte SC

JB McGee: I'm coming to Chicago in June 2014! Found out Friday.

Hooked on books-Admin: How exiting JB

J.L. Mac: YAY!

EBreson: No one ever comes here. I have to travel to them lol

Bobbie: awesome whats the event?

JB McGee: Savannah, Georgia is New Adult Sleepover Weekend and then there is Indie Con Girl in Charleston, SC in February

JB McGee: Um - I don't remember the event name - lol - let me look it up - the one in Chicago.

Bobbie: thanks

Alison: Is there a drink or food that helps you to relax and write?

Erin: New Adult Sleepover Weekend sounds awesome

J.L. Mac: JB will be signing in Las Vegas in August. I will be there but not signing

JB McGee: It's Chicago Author Event. May 30-June 1, 2014

Erin: when is the one in GA?

JB McGee: I also am on the waiting list for San Diego - don't hold much hope in getting into that signing, but I'll keep you posted. UK - I still have to hit a list to go to the UK. lol

Bobbie: J.L are you coming to chicago too?

Cashgephart: When will so cal see you gals??

JB McGee: Georgia is Dec. 6-8

Bobbie: Awesome ill be there!

Paralover: someone come get me so I can go to these things lol

JB McGee: Where are you Paralover?

Paralover: Upstate NY

J.L. Mac: lol

JB McGee: Ah - we'll have to get up there, then.

Erin: oooh, maybe I should go to GA for my birthday.

Paralover: Yesss

J.L. Mac: I have family in Chicago maybe I'll use that as an excuse to go

JB McGee: Who wants an exclusive - *unedited* peek at Dig Deep?

EBreson: Vegas is the closest "popular"place for me.

J.L. Mac: YES! Erin!

Paralover: me!

Mandysalt: I love NY was there for New Years

Erin: NY would be awesome. Much closer than anything else


Bobbie: Where is the chicago event being held ? this is the first ive learned of it

Hooked on books-Admin: Terri says meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eeeeee

JB McGee: Crazy madness to be in NY for New Years

Bobbie: Yah! JL

J.L. Mac: lol

JB McGee: Um - maybe I'm not supposed to mention it yet - lol - it is in the planning stages at this point I think

J.L. Mac: hahaha

JB McGee: ok

Mandysalt: It was great it was my first holiday in 20 years without the kids

Paralover: Mandy, I've been here all my 20 years love the city more though

JB McGee: so JL this is your chat - you want to make them do anything silly to get this snippet

Bobbie: my lips are sealed

J.L. Mac: hmmm

Katie Mac: this could be scary!

Paralover: lol

Hooked on books-Admin: I am worrying now....Be nice JL. We <3 you

Mandysalt: Lmao

JB McGee: haha

Alison: *hides*

J.L. Mac: Damon says everyone needs to say what color their bra is right this second if you want TWO snippets. One from Dig Deep and one From Restore Me. Who knows maybe JB will toss in a snip of Forgiven

Mandysalt: Think I need a drink lol

J.L. Mac: lmaio

Erin: blue sports bra. and it's sweaty.

Katie Mac: Easy...I'm not wearing one!

J.L. Mac: nice erin

Bobbie: white

Paralover: Not wearing one

Mandysalt: I'm not wearing one I am in my pj

JB McGee: haha - my bra is boring beige

Cashgephart: Pink

Alison: No bra..... I'm serious! LOL in my pj's all comfy for the night

J.L. Mac: Aqua blue lace...

Hooked on books-Admin: L- Black KC-Pink Sophie-Pink T-none

J.L. Mac: Alison you rebel!

Paralover: Smae here

EBreson: Pink sports bra in the rare chance I can get the kids in bed in time to go to the gym lol

JB McGee: aqua blue lace - you over achiever lmao

Cashgephart: Sexy ladies!!!!

J.L. Mac: hahaha fancy bra makes me feel like I have my shit together lol It's rediculous

Cashgephart: And ps I'm chatting about my bra at work. Need some Damon!!!

J.L. Mac: Damon nods with approval. Particularly at you rogue bra-less ladies. lol

Bobbie: need to go shopping for a strapless getting tattoo'd thursday

JB McGee: "Is this all you saw?" "No, I'd just started sketching when you knocked. I need to finish it." I sit up and

rest my chin on Cam's shoulder as I look at what I thought might have been blood spatter. "There was a dark alley and a building." "This one is different the other recent ones. Think it's related to any others?" I take the sketch back and start to finish my drawing. I need to do it now or I might miss special details. "No, I don't think so, but I don't know for sure." Cam is very perceptive. She gives me a half shoulder kind of friendly hug. "I'm sorry Emmi. You know I love you." I lean into her to hug her back. "I know. Let me know what you need from me to move forward with the firm." She walks towards the door, turning to look over her shoulder back at me. "Let me know if you get any more on this." Of course she wants to know if I get more on this. Cam's not just a pretty face. She's intuitive and smart. I'm sure she's already trying to decode what I saw. "Yep."

J.L. Mac: oughhh

Paralover: if I wear one it's pink leopard with black lace

J.L. Mac: Dig Deep ^^^^^

Erin: oooooh. I love it

Paralover: ooooooohhhh

Alison: Wowzers.... More more more please.... Lol

Erin: *cough* comma *cough*

Mandysalt: Omg love love love it . We need more x

Hooked on books-Admin: <3 it

Bobbie: love it

Cashgephart: Edited, unedited, well take it however we can get it!

Erin: i can't help it; its a curse. love it, though. i've been waiting to read more about Cam and Emmi

JB McGee: so glad you all like it. So you know Emmi is me and JL is Cam - so we just go back and forth like we're having a conversation. lol

JB McGee: Yeah - you'll certainly get your chance to butcher this mani I'm sure! lol

Mandysalt: You two are great x

Alison: What a great way to write....

Paralover: but we don't know what Damon has on.....

Mandysalt: Lmao

Paralover: it's only fair

J.L. Mac: okay who wants Restore Me snippet?

JB McGee: Haha - sometimes it's better to leave things up to the imagination - lol

Bobbie: me

Paralover: meeeee

Mandysalt: Meeeeeeeeeee

Alison: Pleaseeeeeee with a cherry on top

Paralover: JB lol

Cashgephart: Um. Me me me me and me


J.L. Mac: Damon is wearing a white undershirt with some fan-fuckin-tastic vintage stone washed jeans

Erin: who cares what Damon has on? He'd be fine with a paper bag on his head 2

Hooked on books-Admin: meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

J.L. Mac: “Uh, I guess I should change that light bulb for you, Mrs. C-Bee.” Andy is caught in the same room with two tenacious smart ass women. The poor sucker. I smile wide at Grams and she belts out a witchy cackle. Andy walks over the light fixture on the wall and begins working on removing the shade. His light brown hair catches the light coming through the window and seems to almost glitter. If I were not utterly and completely in love, I’d be giving him my number right now. “Is this who you were waiting for?” I say in a whisper as I lean in towards Grams. Her wicked smile tells me she is up to no good whatsoever. “You bet. I think he wants to get fresh with me.” I shake my head at the brazen old bat. “And how do you know this?” “Edith, my snotty neighbor always calls in work orders to get him to come to her room and most the time someone else goes but when I call, Andy comes. Every time.” I furrow my brows in disbelief. “I take it you aren’t friends with Edith?” Grams scoffs indignantly. “I wouldn’t be caught dead being in cohorts with that floozy! She manages to chase off just about every good looking staff member here. It’s her one crazy eye they can’t stand.” “What?!” I screech as a fit of laughter rips through me. Both of us cackle unabashed like two gossipy witches. “She has a funny eye. If she isn’t wearing those thick glasses of hers it tends to wander this direction.” Grams brings one finger up to her face and mimics which direction said lazy eye wanders. It’s fucking ridiculous but a much needed break from my own thoughts. “It’s a damned soap opera up in here.” “You got that right honey. Instead of the Young and the Restless we got the old and the worthless!” Grams caps off her quip by popping a circus peanut candy in her mouth. “Want one?” She extends the bag to me and a grab a few. I lean back in my seat and prop my feet on the side of Grams bed. We sit there watching Andy work on change the light bulb. Definitely needed this little break from reality. “Bee, you’ve got some scuff marks up here on the wall. I could get some paint and take care of that.” We both glance up to his face instead of his ass as he turns to face us. “Oh yes, that’s gotta be fixed then. Can you come back tomorrow?” Andy smiles politely and nods. The old bat really has no shame. I wonder if I’m as bad as her. Andy gathers his things and approaches Grams bed. “It was nice to meet you, Jo.” He extends his hand and I take it for a friendly shake. As we shake his thumb stok

Hooked on books-Admin: meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Erin: Grams always makes me want to eat circus peanuts

Hooked on books-Admin: <3 it

Bobbie: LOVE HER!

J.L. Mac: hold on not all of it posted :/

Mandysalt: I love grams and Jo together it is so funny x

Alison: Wow love Grams! Never heard of circus peanuts in the UK I'm I the only one?

Bobbie: Im gonna be her LOL

J.L. Mac: “Oh yes, that’s gotta be fixed then. Can you come back tomorrow?” Andy smiles politely and nods. The old bat really has no shame. I wonder if I’m as bad as her. Andy gathers his things and approaches Grams bed. “It was nice to meet you, Jo.” He extends his hand and I take it for a friendly shake. As we shake his thumb stokes over the back of my hand. I smile at the handsome forward bastard. Our hands slip apart he turns to leave. “See you tomorrow,” he tosses over his shoulder as he walks out of the suite. I turn and gape at Grams. “What the hell was that?” “Guess my man might have an eye for you, Jo.” Grams shrugs and pops another peanut in her mouth. I narrow my eyes on her. There is no telling whats going through that head of hers. “How did scuff marks get on your wall at eye level?” “What? Oh, yes. My cane.” “What?” She has me confused now. “I may or may not have whacked the wall with my cane a few times so that Mister Tight Buns would have to come see me.” She shrugs and flips open the magazine in her lap while mowing down another peanut. She really does eat a ton of those. It’s a fucking miracle she’s not gargantuan. “Wow, grams. Seriously?” She shrugs again and swipes her finger across the magazine to turn another page.

Mandysalt: No I haven't heard of them x

Dirtbikemom. Love Grams...thats what I call my gram..She always told me a man likes a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets

Hooked on books-Admin: <3 it

Hooked on books-Admin: jl you rock

Cashgephart: Love grams!

Erin: Mister Tight Buns. hahahaha

Paralover: love lol

J.L. Mac: lol Grams is a naughty old bat

JB McGee: ok - i was told this is a good part by a certain someone

JB McGee: I freeze as Gabby says my name. I have never lost control, never crossed the line when it comes to us being intimate with one another. She’s never had to stop us. I’ve always been the one to stop. But this time, the tip of my erection nearly slid into a place I know I’m not yet allowed or welcomed. I fall over onto the mattress beside her. I cross my arms over my face and close my eyes. “I’m so sorry.” And I am. I am so disappointed with myself. I don’t want her to feel like I can’t wait. Hell, I’ve waited this long. What’s another couple of months. I need to ask her about a date later. I hope she’s not changed her mind on a quick wedding. I glance over at her when I feel her move. I’m relieved that she’s turned over and has propped herself up on her elbow. She starts to trace my sternum with her finger, up and down. “Hey. It’s okay. It was just as much me as you. Part of me thinks my mom wouldn’t care. But the other part of me just can’t do it.” A tear trickles down her face. No, don’t cry. I swipe the tear away as she continues. “I just can’t break the only promise I have left to her,” she confesses. And in true incredible Gabby form, she’s consoling me when it should be the other way around. I stare at the ceiling because I’m too ashamed of nearly losing it to face her. “You shouldn’t have to apologize. I respect it. I’m upset with myself.” I barely turn my head and glance at her. “Gabby, I love you, and I want you so bad. I was just so caught up in this moment. It’s just a little longer. I promise I can wait.” “I know, me too.” Her wandering finger skims past my navel, following the small trail of hair. “We can still do other things,” she suggests. And I can’t believe I’m about to do this. “I’m not going to lie. I yearn to connect to you in every way I can.” I grab her hand before she gets any farther down my stomach. “I just want to hold you. Would that be okay?” “You want to hold me?” She raises her eyebrows, amused. Yes, I know it’s probably something she never thought she’d hear come from my mouth, either. I can’t help but grin. “Don’t act so shocked. Less than twenty-four hours ago I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to do that again. Yes. That’s what I want.” I hold my arm up, and she snuggles into my body. This does feel a little awkward, but I need it. I need to be close to her without being sexual. I don’t trust myself right now, but I want her close to me. Gabby is thumbing her fingers through the hair

Alison: This book will keep me up all night to get it finished I just know it!

J.L. Mac: <3

Katie Mac: Ok...just so you know, those snippets gave me chills

Erin: oooh, I'm excited about this!!!!

Katie Mac:

Hooked on books-Admin: Amazing snippets

JB McGee: i think it cut off part of mine :/

Katie Mac: It did

dirtbikemom Thank you!!!

Hooked on books-Admin: Thank you for the snippets ladies <3

JB McGee: this is the last part that got cut off

JB McGee: Gabby is thumbing her fingers through the hair on my chest when she says, “I like to snuggle with you.” Her nose is touching the skin on the side of my chest, and inhales as she continues. “You smell so good.” It’s a statement but the intonation of the way she said it makes me thinks she’s almost asking what it is. I peek down at her equally as confused because I’m wearing what she gave to me. “It’s that Light Blue cologne you got me for Christmas.” She kisses my chest. “I didn’t recognize it. It smells much better on you than that little card in the store.” I thought we were just cuddling. She needs to stop with all this affection or I’m going to have to go take a cold shower. I can’t help but laugh at her statement. I smooth her hair as I kiss her head. “I’m glad to hear I smell better than those little cards in the store.”

J.L. Mac: Hope you all liked them!

Katie Mac: Sigh...Damon and Bradley in the same room!

Katie Mac: Be still my heart!

Alison: Thank you so much, remember us when your superstar Authors  2

Hooked on books-Admin: I think i have died and gone to heaven

JB McGee: Yes - hope you did like them - haha about the hot guys in this room

Mandysalt: Omg you two are killing me but thank you both for the snippets

Bobbie: Loved Loved Loved Im a naughty old bat too LOL

dirtbikemom: Loved them Both I cannot wait for Bradley and Gabby to GET IT ON!

J.L. Mac: lol

JB McGee: Anyone who knows me knows that the Light Blue comment is an homage to David Gandy, right?

Erin: later skaters. must feed monsters

J.L. Mac: I think the whole damn world is waiting for them to bang. I have blue balls FOR bradley!

J.L. Mac: poor guy

dirtbikemom: No I didnt know that

JB McGee: But it also happened in real life. I bought that for my hubby for Christmas. I was laying with him and didn't recognize it. That's pretty much how our conversation went.

J.L. Mac: peace out girl scout

Mandysalt: I think the wedding night is going to be so special

JB McGee: haha - about Bradley and blue balls.

J.L. Mac: lol

dirtbikemom Theres no way he could last more than 20 seconds...lOL

Alison: Ha ha JB I'm sure that's just how it went lol

JB McGee: bahaha - honest it did

JB McGee: ​ 3 2

Mandysalt: Hats off to Bradley respecting Gabby wishes xx

JB McGee: bahaha 20 seconds

dirtbikemom: hahahaha

JB McGee: I should so do a contest to see how long people think he'll last

JB McGee: lmao

Alison: I love how you guys make me smile and laugh poor hubby looks at me gone out!

Hooked on books-Admin: <3 respectful men

J.L. Mac: lol

Mandysalt: 30 seconds lol

dirtbikemom: Yes Ill put money on 20 seconds ​

Hooked on books-Admin: 45 seconds

Alison: I think he will last to make it soooooo perfect for her

J.L. Mac: bullshit! He's gonna pop at 15 seconds you watch!

dirtbikemom: When I was reading Wreck Me my hubby hid my nook from me because I was laughing too much during Duck Dynasty

Alison: I'm such a romantic have ha

Bobbie: 5

J.L. Mac: hahahahah Duck Dynasty

Alison: LOL dirtbikemom

JB McGee: omg this is hilarious

JB McGee: brb

Paralover: Wait who is gabby and Bradly?? sry

Mandysalt: Love it

J.L. Mac: From JB's 'this' series

J.L. Mac: characters

dirtbikemom: hahahaha right?? I wasnt laughing at the same time as him. I think he gets jelly over my fantasy book men

Paralover: ok thanks

Bobbie: When I read Wreck Me I read out loud snippet to me hubby to let him in on the funnies LOL

Cashgephart: Love it! As soon as my hubs sees my kindle in hand he suddenly wants to bug me and talk about nonsense.

J.L. Mac: Thats the only good part of my man being overseas. No one giving me the stink eye over book lovers

Mandysalt: My husband is working away tonight

Alison: My hubby just laughs at how serious I am over my book boyfriends, I won't have a word Said against them, good job he loves my craziness...

Mandysalt: My husband is the same

Paralover: Right now fantasy book men are all I got lol

Mandysalt: I am just a whore ATM too many book bf lol

Bobbie: My hubby taken me for my Fantasy book tattoo on thursday LOL

Alison: They are great to have though Para

J.L. Mac: me too Paralover

JB McGee: I asked my hubby and he said he will so do the right thing and savor it for her - 2 hours - seriously - ah - my romantic hubby *swoons*

J.L. Mac: My man is gone for a year. :/

Hooked on books-Admin: Have more for you Mandy

Paralover: single :/

Mandysalt: Bobbie what are you having done

Paralover: Aww sry JL

Paralover: hang in there

Mandysalt: Thanks can't wait

Alison: Wow 2 hours..... I know it's fiction... But? LOL

Dirtybikemom the grass is always greener sometimes I wish he would leave me in peace

JB McGee: lmao - i know - i laughed too - i think he just wanted to answer so i'd leave him alone. he turned pretty red

J.L. Mac: lmao

Alison: Wow J L that's tough x

Paralover: Yes Alison they are

J.L. Mac: Lets not ask justin what he says Bradley would do.

JB McGee: bahaha - no i think we should ask justin

Bobbie: An open book with scrolling flowers and butterflies coming out of the book an "Reading is My Escape" under the book

Alison: Bless him what a great hubby

JB McGee: call it market research

JB McGee: lmao

J.L. Mac: Gabby better get her big girl panties on then

J.L. Mac: or off

JB McGee: haha - so funny

Mandysalt: Off is better

Alison: Off

JB McGee: i have a pic on shutterstock of gabby

JBGee: in her honeymoon outfit

J.L. Mac: For the occasion, yes off is the deal. Unless she wears crotchless panties. So handy

Bobbie: Shoulder cap overflowing to my colar and upper arm

Mandysalt: Lmao

Alison: Laughing so hard right now

J.L. Mac: I think gabby should do something brazen like crotchless panties

JB McGee:

Paralover: But I think I have crazy ideas of men in bed now...Also a virgin lol I will be wild lol~!

J.L. Mac: oh boy lol

JB McGee: Haha - There's an idea. Bradley would explode if he saw her in crotchless panties on their honeymoon -

J.L. Mac: by dirtbike mom

JB McGee: bye

J.L. Mac: JB that's almost exactly what I wore on my wedding night

Mandysalt: Bye dirtbikemom

Hooked on books-Admin: cya Dirtbike

Katie Mac: Love that pic JB

Alison:  oh my jb

JB McGee: haha -  Yes - very Gabby

JB McGee: and JL - smh - we are eerie sometimes with our twinness

Paralover: it's known that Scorpios like a lot of sex so I'm good lol

JB McGee: oh is that right - ahem - november 12th here

J.L. Mac: im a scorpio

Paralover: hellz yeah!!

JB McGee: more twinness

J.L. Mac: nov 3rd

Paralover: oct 30th

J.L. Mac: creepy twin shit

Mandysalt: I am a Leo

Alison: Hubby is Scorpio.... Sometimes I would agree and others I'm like more more lol

J.L. Mac: Lucky Alison

Bobbie: Aries March 27th

Cashgephart: I'm nov 4. Scorpio all the way

J.L. Mac: whaaaaa?

Mandysalt: 2 aug and the husband is 24th aug

Alison: Yes but when I'm asking for more I don't feel so lucky, the waiting kills me lol

J.L. Mac: so cool to have a group of scorpios here

J.L. Mac: lol Alison

Alison: I'm Gemini

Paralover: I'm not really waiting by choice either just thats how it gos

Katie Mac: You know I am too bull headed to be a Scorpio!

Paralover: lol

Cashgephart: Scorpions are the best. All my best friends are feisty scorpios

Hooked on books-Admin: Tauras- 23rd april  saint georges day- william shakespear birthday

Alison:  great jb

Cashgephart: Lol!!!

J.L. Mac: yeah so now you'll have a raging horn dog for a husband JB

JB McGee: bahaha - better than a girl

Paralover: lol

Katie Mac: Taurus April 29th

J.L. Mac: red bull through nose

JB McGee: aboeaingoeginaeg - yes!

J.L. Mac: Aww Katie Mac is an April baby

Cashgephart: I've thought about slipping testosterone pills in my hubs food.

Mandysalt: Lmao

Cashgephart: Is that evil?

Paralover: My guy will have a lot to live up to lol

J.L. Mac: bwahahahaha you're gonna roofy your husband

J.L. Mac: hilarious

Katie Mac: Fresh as a spring daish!

J.L. Mac: pshhhh!

JB McGee: My hubby's isn't a pill - it's cream - i am so not going anywhere close to him when that stuff is out - lol

Katie Mac: Y'all are too freaking funny!

J.L. Mac: oh em gee... dying laughing here

Bobbie: Im old I take it how I can get it LOL

J.L. Mac: lmao Bobbie

Bobbie: LOL but still getting it LOL

Cashgephart: Ohhh yeah then you'd be at Walgreens buying yourself razors every other day

JB McGee: haha - i was beginning to feel like i was 80

J.L. Mac: yeah well I get nothing. It's battery operated boyfriend for me. blah

Alison: Lol

Mandysalt: Lol

J.L Mac: Goooo Bobbieeeeeee!

paralover: books are the only time I let my sexy side show so I am loving this lo!!

Mandysalt: Lol

JB McGee:  JL

JB McGee: haha - funny

JB McGee: i hate to have to go but i'm starving - it's dinner time here (or what you uk ladies call tea)

Hooked on books-Admin: enjoy your Tea/Dinner JB

Katie Mac: Bye JB! Enjoy your supper! TTYL

Paralover: Bye JB

Mandysalt: Bye JB

Alison: Bye jb enjoy your tea  lol

J.L. Mac: Well, ladies this has been soooo much fun. I adore you all. I have to run. Work calls!

Hooked on books-Admin: Thank you for a fab chat Jaimi

Katie Mac: Go write! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

JB McGee: Thank you!!  This was so much fun.

Bobbie: Gotta run too .... Had a blast!

Mandysalt: Thank you for a great night it was fun

Paralover: Mwah!! ladies!! doggie needs to go out xoxo

Alison: LOL paralover don't change x

J.L. Mac: Bye ladies! xoxoxoxo

Cashgephart: Bye jb! Bye jl go write something hot and steamy!!!

Paralover: Thanks Ailson xo

J.L. Mac: on it!

J.L. Mac: Bye!

Alison: Thanks jb thanks jl had a super night

J.L. Mac: you too

Hooked on books-Admin: thank you everyone

Mandysalt: Thank you for sorting it out

Alison: Yes thank you! Glad I made it, best go get some sleep and snuggles

Hooked on books-Admin: I am gonna edit it i do know it goes on fbook and the website

Alison: Baa haa haa its nothing more then I tell others


J L Mac, Author of the hit book Seven Years of bad luck. Is about to realise her second book in febuary. We are extermly Honoured to have J L Mac here with us for a interview. 

Hello J L Mac, thank you for giving us the honer to interview you. We are so exited to be doing this. We will be nice and start with some simple questions. 

What do you think is the key to writing?

I don't think there is a key really. I think some individuals are naturally prone to creativity. Writing for me is easy. I feel like a messenger or middle-man. The stories in my head seem to exist without my help. I am compelled to relay them. It's that simple.

If there was one thing you would say to others about to start there journey what would it be?
I would say don't work so hard. A good story should choose you not the other way around. Readers can tell whether subliminally or consciously, when a story feels forced. When a story chooses you it will flow naturally as if it already existed somewhere in your head. You were just unaware of it.
Who is your role model? 
It may seem tragic but I can't say I have one singular role model.
What do you think makes a good story? 

I think a good story is one that stays with the reader long after the book ends. Connecting to the characters is what forges a lasting bond. A lasting bond keeps those characters fresh in the readers mind. Being unforgettable is the sign of a good book.

Have you ever consider writing a autobiography? 

 Not in the slightest. My life is dreadfully boring really.

Would you consider writing anything other than romance books?

 I would. I love thrillers. It has been why my writing style has a pretty fair mix of plot and romance. I like a mystery. I like danger. I like romance. But, when I roll them together...I love it.

What do you like to do when you're not writing?

 Read of course.

Seven years of bad luck is a very self explain question. What made you come up with the book title Wreck me?
 Shitty holiday traffic. A guy cut me off then ran a stop sign. I got mad and in ten minutes on the way to my home Wreck Me was born in my head.

Your Second book Wreck me is due out 20th febuary 2013, What inspired you to step out and write a book and realise it? 
 Honestly, both Seven Years of Bad Luck and Wreck Me demanded to be shared. I was not initially planning on sharing anything. But, the compulsion to write it and share was all consuming. Getting it out there was like a relief. An itch that finally got scratched.

What can we expect in Wreck me?
 You can expect mystery, danger, hot sex, utter and complete heart break, suspense, sympathy, anger, and comedy. I like to say the reader will be thoroughly wrecked after they read Wreck Me. ;) Or, at least, that is my goal.

Can you describe Wreck me in five words.

 Tragic. Powerful. Endearing. Steamy. Suspenseful.

 Who are your top 10 Authors? 

Ah this one is tough. I am sorry to say that the majority of my favorite authors are dead. But, here they are: Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hemingway, Bronte sisters, Jane Austen, J.D. Salinger, J.K. Rowling (Yes I am a HP fan), Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Thomas Hardy. To name a few.

If you had to name your top 10 books what would they be?
Everyone is going to be bored with me because I am a girl with a heart for the classics. Far From The Madding Crowd, The Prince and The Pauper, Great Expectations, *cough* Harry Potter...all of them. *cough*, The Catcher In The Rye (absolute all time fave), Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, For Whom The Bells Toll, The Scarlet Letter. 

Favorite colour? Purple.

Thank you so much J L Mac for joining us, We can not wait for Wreck me. 


    J.L Mac

    USA Today Best Selling Author of Seven Years of Bad Luck, Wreck Me, Restore Me and Co-Author with J.B McGee of the Deeper series.

    J.L. Mac is twenty six years old and currently lives in El Paso, Texas where she enjoys living near her parents and siblings. J.L. was born and raised in Galveston, Texas where she lived until she married her husband in July, 2005. She has two young children and is married to a soldier in the United States Army. J.L. and her family have lived all over the United States and have enjoyed each new experience in each new place. J.L. admittedly has had a long and sordid love affair with the written word and has enjoyed every minute of it. She drinks too many glasses of wine on occasion, and says way too many swear words to be considered ‘lady-like’. J.L. spends her free time reading, writing, and playing with her children.



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