Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sarah Dosher Interview

We are so hon to have the lovely, talented Sarah Dosher here.

 1. What  inspired you to write?
 I’ve  always wanted to write, but honestly I never thought that writing a novel was
something I’d be able to do.  But  seeing other new indie authors gave me hope I could at least get my story down  on paper, even if it sucked in the end. 
I heard Blown Away by Carrie Underwood one afternoon and immediately the
story for Dean and Lily came to me.  I knew that was the time to finally put something down on  paper.

2.  What  advice would you give new writers?
 Start  writing! Don’t wait until you think  you are ready or your story is complete, just start writing.   That’s what a writer does, they write!  The entire story will come to you and  flow as you continue to get the words out of your head and onto paper.

3.   What  is your favourite part of any book?

 I  would say the happily ever after, but then that would mean the book was over and  that is definitely my least favourite part.  The climaxing and then the resolution
are definitely the most fun part to read as well as write.

4.   When  naming your characters, do you give any thought to the actual meaning?
Yes,  to some extent. 
Lily  Grace:  Lily means purity and Grace is pretty self explanatory.

 Dean Haven: Dean means from the valley. So my interpretation of valley is low area, or in my  Dean’s case a low, depressional state.  Haven, of course, means a place of safety or refuge.

 Kolby: which is the name of their town means dark or darkness.

5.  How  many people did you talk to when you were  researching?
 Not  too many. I did a lot of my own research for things on the internet and then would run certain topics by friends  that had knowledge in a particular area. 
I also made it a point not to venture too far from my comfort zone with
my first book.

6.     Who  was the most helpful person you interviewed and what did they tell you?

 Probably  the most helpful person I talked to was a friend that works in social services  and deals with child welfare.  Lily  relationship with her father is the basis of a lot of the book.   I needed to know the ins and outs of how the child welfare system worked  and what exactly would happen in Lily’s case.  I wanted it to be believable.  I know that to some it still does not  seem like enough action was taken, but I can assure you that my research was  done and verified.

7.    Would  you ever write a book of a different genre?
Absolutely.  I already have a paranormal in the   works but currently on hold.  It  was actually meant to be my second book, but it just didn’t feel right as the  follow-up for HftS.  Then I got the  idea to continue HftS as a series and instantly knew that was right because it  felt right.
 8.Do  you have any further books planned?

 Currently I have 4 more books  planned.  The two to finish out the  Storms of Life series (the next being Sanctuary from the Darkness which is Adley  and Derek’s story), a paranormal romance, and then a more edgy contemporary   romance.  But I get book ideas  everyday that I jot down in my notebooks.

9.  Five  words to describe your next book?





 Happily  ever after
 10.  If  you could work with another Author who and why?

 Oh man that’s a tough  question.  I don’t now that I’ll  ever be one to write a book with someone, and I love the authors that I  currently talk to on a daily basis and assist me in whatever I may need. I love to make new author friends
because I think we each have something we can learn from each other no matter
the size of the lesson.

11.  Top 5 books/authors

 The  Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay
 Beautiful  Disaster by Jamie McGuire
 The  Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher
 Easy  by Tammara Webber
 The   Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski
 It’s  very hard to list just 5, but these are novels/authors that really stick with
me. Their novels get under my skin  and really make me think.  I like  novels with a lesson in them that go deeper.

 12. How  often do you take a break from writing?

 All  the time. Anytime the words aren’t  flowing I stop. Towards the end of
HftS I stopped for about two weeks because the words just weren’t there for
me.  I knew exactly how it would  end, I just couldn’t get it down on paper like I wanted.   I deleted pages over and over and finally just took a break and
read. Reading helps me by moving  into another world for awhile before coming back to my  own.

13.  How do you spend that free time?

 Reading, obviously.   Sleeping! Watching tv, playing with my 3 year old twins, hanging out with my husband and family.  Playing on Facebook. Nothing exciting, I’m very much a  homebody.

Thank you so much for taking your time to interview with us. We love Haven from the storm.

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