Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Katy Evans Birthday Bash interview


We are so exited to have the opportunity of interviewing the lovely Katy  Evans, author of Real .Thank you for joining us.

 Thanks so much for having me!

What/who inspired you to start writing? Reading. I've always been a reader before I was a writer.

 What is your favourite part of a book? Everything, but the characters are what sell me.

 When naming your characters, do you give any thought to the actual
meaning? I'm a very instinctive writer so, many times, no. Once I get the essence of a
character well drawn out, I just grab a huge list of names and one "jumps" at  me, and I know for certain that that's the character's name.

Would you ever write a different genre? If I had the inspiration for it, yes, absolutely.

What advice would you give inspiring writers?  Practice and persistence and always, always (no matter what the devil in your  head tells you) believe that you have something special to say that no one else in the world can say it quite like you.

What made you come up with your book titles?  Remy. He totally gave me the title REAL. It's all he wanted from the  beginning of the story.

Who is your favourite character from your books and why? I seriously love them all. I love Brooke so much, and I grew so attached to  viewing things from her eyes and feeling things with her passion. I love her for   being so strong, and sweet, and so in love with Remy - and so utterly attuned to  her soul mate from the beginning. I love Melanie, Pete, Riley. But Remington  Tate, I admit, holds a very special place in my heart. He's changed my life in  so many ways, even in the way I listen to music now.

If you could work with any fellow author who would it be and why? Ooh, there are so many people I'd be honored to work with! But I think the  first I'd go with it my friend Monica Murphy. We met at a writing class online  years ago and we hit it off beautifully and we've been in contact ever  since.

Who are your top five authors/books

Oh, I have so many! Abbi Glines? I love her! LOVE. HER. Every single book of
hers. Tammara Webber. I can't wait to read Jessica Sorensen's continuation of
Callie and Kayden, I loved the first book so much. Colleen Hoover is
jaw-droppingly amazing. And my all-time favorites, of course. Suzan Elizabeth
Phillips, Linda Howard, Lisa Kleypas.

Tell us five things about you that we would not know

 Well, let's see. I love my big mastiff and two pugs. I have an unhealthy
addiction to dark chocolate. I've resisted buying a kindle for years until REAL
made me get one so I could check if the kindle files were properly formatted. I
have been married with my own soul mate for seventeen years and he still manages
to give me butterflies. And I have two beautiful children who are growing up to
mesmerize, surprise, and amaze me. :)

Thank you for taking part.

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