Monday, 15 April 2013

Hiding out - Nicole Andrew Moore- Review

 Hiding out


This book opened with a phone call that  led me to believe that I had missed something!  Because I was too lazy to head  back to Amazon to see if I'd missed a previous book or something, I decided to  just go ahead and read it.  Boy am I glad I did.

Nicole, Haley's  experience totally shattered me.  I could feel her pain, both physical and  emotional.  I swear I jumped in my seat every time a door slammed or someone  yelled.  I am so thankful that Haley had Ellen to help her in the beginning.  As  for Sam, I think I have a little crush on him.  The way he changed who he was  and how he reacted around Haley warmed my heart.

This was definitely one  of those "can't put it down" kind of books, and I can't wait to read Adam's  story and find out what happens to Chase.  One question though, can I borrow  Neville?  I need someone like him around here!

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