Monday, 15 April 2013

Stormy Surrender Review

Stormy Surrender

I am just going to say this straight  out.  No holding back; no playing games.  This book is "Oh My Goodness" HOT!!! I love Nicole.  I love Nicole's writing.  But honestly, I think I love Joe and  Marti more now.

That sweet disillusioned Martha...only she would think
that relocating with her husband to a new location would "fix" their
marriage...her miscarriage...his cheating heart.  What I can't figure out is why
she would even want it fixed!  I think it's awesome that she googles just what
she is looking for...HOPE.  This search for HOPE brings her to New Hope, SC. 
I've gotta say, there is just something about the South that can mend a broken
spirit and soothe a troubled soul.

And then there is Joe.  He is such a  slut, such a womanizer, such a fan of the one night stand.  He is also very  broken...incomplete...maybe a little bitter.  Joe is a contractor.  He makes his  living repairing houses.  When he meets Martha, they hit it right off  they clash like the Titans.  (I just wanted them to hit it off right away!)

Those two bicker and fuss like 6 year old sisters with only one Barbie to share  between them.  But there is just something there that draws them back to each  other.  It was fun watching the town try to keep these two apart.  It was  entertaining to see Joe's senile neighbor mistake a bonfire for a house fire.  I bet that water was cold!

This book started off with that tug on me and  would not let go even at  the very end.  Oh, I still have questions, but I know  that there are more answers waiting for me in the second installment of the New  Hope series

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