Monday, 22 April 2013

Tracey Manning birthday bash interview


We are so exited to have the opportunity of interviewing the lovely Tracey  Manning .Thank you for joining us

 What/who inspired you to start writing? As a young girl I found writing to  be a great source of expression for me, by the time I was ten years old I  had figured out how to write events going on in my life in journals to look like  a story as a cover-up in case anyone saw them. This developed into a passion as  I entered my teens, and eventually a driving force to write more and more.

What is your favourite part of a book? My favorite part of any book is  when I can find a character I really connect with. Some of the greatest books I  have ever read were never best sellers, never written by a household name and  yet they wrote characters that have stayed with me years after closing the  book.

When naming your characters, do you give any thought to the actual meaning? When I am choosing character names I think of the personality of the character  first and foremost. I tend to have an image in my head and sometimes even give  them names of people I have known in life who have had some of the same  qualities or personality traits. The meaning behind a name is more about  personality than a straight forward definition for me.

 Would you ever write a different genre? I usually write and then decide  what genre it is going to be. I am not hardcore YA/NA romance, paranormal, etc.  I can’t wait to get my hands dirty in some thriller/suspense titles. I am  keeping an open mind for the future.

What advice would you give inspiring writers?
The only thing I would say  is you have to believe in yourself enough to be ok if the whole world doesn’t  like it. I spent over ten years holding myself back out of fear, and finally one  day (with my eyes closed tight) I did it and have never looked back. I had no
editor (just got one honestly) and no cover artist (still do my own covers) and  I cried as I sold my first copy. All you need is ONE person to believe in you to  make you grow and
become greater than you ever thought you could be.

What made you come up with your book titles?
I live in the Mid Coast of  Maine and it is primarily a fishing community. I chose my titles after some  poems I grew up listening to, I wanted to honor my hardworking community with  that.

Who is your favourite character from your books and why?
My favourite  character would have to be Brent, he was only supposed to be in the first book  and somehow became this amazing character I couldn’t let go of.  I love when
that happens and always go with it, I like to surprise myself and he certainly
surprised me in the best way.

If you could work with any fellow author who would it be and why?
Oh gosh,  too many to list but if I had to pick just one I would have to say…. *crickets
chirp* Wait! I have to pick just one? Oh I can’t pick just one! Maybe a  round table event ;) lol

Who are your top five authors/books
Stephen King first and foremost, (any book and yes I have read almost every
Anne Rice, or (A.N. Roquelaure)
Alyson Noel,  (The  Immortals)
Lauren Kate,  (Fallen)
P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast, (House of  Night)

Tell us five things about you that we would not know
I talk to myself out  loud, all the time.
I live on music and coffee
I have a phobia of bananas  (yes, I really do!)
I love the 80’s (music, books, style, movies!)
My  Favorite movie is “Say Anything”

Thank you for taking part.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to let others know a little

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