Friday, 19 April 2013

Belle Birthday Bash Interview

We are so excited to have the opportunity of interviewing the lovely Belle,
author of Friend-Zoned. Thank you for joining us. Anytime. Thanks for having me.

What/who inspired you to start writing?
Honestly, I never planned to write. Tina
just came to me one day. I pictured the perfect woman. An emotionally strong
woman who is caring and selfless. So once I was familiar enough with Tina to
tell you her shoe size, I started picturing who would make the perfect partner
for her.

 What is your favourite part of a book? Their first kiss. Le sigh.  When naming your characters, do you give any thought to the actual meaning? Yes, absolutely. Tina was originally going to be named Tea (said Tey-ah) but I  thought this would be too confusing and have people asking why I named a  character after a cup of tea.  Nik and Max were both named specifically. I  never released this information in the book but Nik and Max were named by their  father who came from a Russian background. Nik’s sisters were named by their  mother who comes from a Mexican background. Nikolai means victory of the people  and Maximilian means greatest or great one. Ilia (Nik and Max’s father) always  told the boys they were destined to do great things.

Would you ever write  a different genre?
Sure. I’d love to try my hand at something a little more  serious. Still romance though.

What advice would you give inspiring writers?
Don’t give up. If you think you’re good enough to be published, do as much
research as you can on how to promote yourself and just do it. There are days
when you feel like giving up but all I’ll say is it’s definitely worth every
tantrum, late night and coffee high.

What made you come up with your book titles?
Well as soon as I thought up the storyline to Friend-Zoned, I didn’t  think anything else worked for it. I tried a few other title names but it didn’t  feel right.

Who is your favourite character from your books and why?
I  absolutely love Diego/Trick. He is a bit of a dark horse and has been pushing  himself away from the group and Lola but we’ll all find out why when I release a   novella based on his relationship with Lola. He is a beautiful soul. **wink  wink**

If you could work with any fellow author who would it be and why?
Ashley. For sure. I love her sense of humor. And her dominant male characters.
She is just a winner every time. Who are your top five authors/books Kristen
Ashley, R.L. Mathewson, Cara McKenna, Jude Deveraux and Judith McNaught.

Tell us five things about you that we would not know
 1. I suffer from a  disease called I Heart Caramel Lattes. I’ve been suffering this disease for a  few years now and it’s devastating. It causes me to drink at least five caramel  lattes a day and hide the evidence.

2. I write all my notes by hand. I have notebooks filled to the brim with notes, one liners and jokes on upcoming books.

3. I don’t trust technology (hence the notebooks).

4. Writing Friend-Zoned  caused me to have numbness in my left shoulder blade for over a week after I’d  finished because I’d gone at it so hard.

  5. My brother wants so badly to be a character in my book that when I refused he made me write a ten page book  just for him called Joe Kickass: A story of a little Aussie battler named Ryan  that everybody loved.  Cute, huh? Yeah, well my brother is thirsty years  old. Not so cute now! **laughing**

Thank you so much for join us.

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