Friday, 22 November 2013

Indie Author Tour ~ Jennifer Benson ~ Love Unclaimed

Audree Edwards has loved Gavin Montgomery since she was a little girl, but her older brother Clint made it clear that Audree was off limits. Audree however, wasn’t taking no for an answer and made it clear to Gavin she wanted him.

Gavin not having the best family life bolted as soon as he could after high school, only returning for short visits. Audree knew she wouldn’t have all of Gavin and settled for the bit of him she could hold on to. When they are both finally ready to admit they want more Audree thinks Gavin has done the unthinkable. 

Will Gavin be able to tell Audree he wants more? Will Audree see the truth about Gavin before it is too late? Will Audree and Gavin finally give in tell each other how they feel and what they want?

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