Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Indie Author Tour ~ Julie Morgan ~ Fallen

Laid back is what Lisa enjoys, and laid back is exactly what Alex is...all wrapped up in a bow of sexy.

She wants to kiss him, she wants to embrace him, she wants her breathing to become difficult, she wants her heart to race out of control.

Looking at her, he sees the woman he's fallen in love with, the woman he fell from Heaven for, the woman he went to Hell to save.

The water running into the tub begins to shift, taking shape. Fingers erupt from the water, and gently begin moving up her feet and over her ankles. The touch is light and seductive. She turns her back to the showerhead as the fingers turn into hands. Moving up her body, they gently grasp her arms. The water from the showerhead begins shifting, forming arms that extend out from the hands. A chest, waist, legs, and head begin to solidify. The clear water begins to change to more of a flesh tone. Dark brown hair forms on the head of the man standing with her. He’s naked and he gently presses against her. 

“I might like that,” Samuel retorts. “I might enjoy that a lot.” He leans forward, resting his arm on the tabletop. “You’re a very beautiful woman, Lisa.” His finger glides gently across her hand.
Her face lowered, Lisa looks up at him seductively and grins. “Thank-you.” Turning her hand over, his finger traces it. She feels an ice cold shiver run through her body, leaving pools of warmth as it moves. “You aren’t so bad yourself.”
He smiles as his hand cups hers. Running his thumb over her palm, he moves his chair closer to hers and leans in to whisper in her ear…or so she thought. His breath fans out across her ear and the sensitive skin of her neck. Gooseflesh runs over her body and her eyes look around the room, hoping no one has caught on to what they are doing.
“Ignore them,” he whispers. It was alluring, intoxicating. 

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